Saturday, January 10, 2009


The "after" picture from this week's shoot.

It was a thirteen-hour overnight shoot, so when i ended at like 3am they paid for a hotel for me. Lots of fun, but a hotel by yourself is lonely!

"Before" pictures I'show in February.o(^-^)o


ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...

Ha ha, you look tired, Jim. That's pretty nice though.

Jennifer said...

o_o you look so tired. *hands you some chamomile tea*

Toaster said...

Oh man Jimi, hang in there! Don't die on us now, that'd be horrible! D: I shall wait for more news with anticipation. *At the edge of seat*

Go said...

unless it was one of those Ikebukuro hotels with all the prostitutes standing about!

Lemon said...

Hmm. This sounds like something big is going down. Exciting!

vomitbackpoison said...

Hi there. I've found my way to your blog a long time ago but only
recently re-discovered it. I really enjoy following it~ I've noticed
you've been answering some people's questions, so perhaps if you're
bored and have lots of free time, you'll answer mine? ^_^

1. I was wondering if there's any hierarchy in the v/k scene. I'm not
sure how to put it myself. I was thinking about what sort of opinion the
indie, more underground bands have about the bigger names in the v/k.
Like you know, Gazette and others who have a pretty big fanbase
overseas. I'd imagine they're not considered 'one of us'
anymore...Though I'd also imagine that they started off just like other
v/k bands so...Another related thing that's been on my mind is why did
some bands make it big and others never did and never will. Could you
say what, in your opinion, does it take to make it big?

2. Me and my girlfriends are going to visit Tokyo in September this
year~ and since I'm the one into the v/k bands , I'd love to see the
smaller bands that perform during those shows when a couple of bands
play. It's not that easy to get to know them otherwise~(Though I was
able to put my hands on some singles and so I'd like to see some bands
like Born and Matenrou Opera and 9goats black out and ClearVeil, Skull
and VelBet if their playing at all, Zodia and some others.) I was
wondering about the costs of such pleasures (I mean tickets and stuff)
and whether I'll be ok going there alone with my extremely limited
japanese? I'm hoping you'll tell me it's not that complicated and all I
need to do is know how to buy a ticket ;). Also, I know it's a long
shot, but do you think I'll be able to see you/your band playing in

That would be it for now~ Thanks a lot in advance and best of luck to
you! :)

Ps: I would have sent all this to your email address but it just kept coming back to me :/

kagitsune said...

"shoot"? As in "photoshoot"? Hmmm... What have you got going on? :D Your expression tells me you had fun, though. ^^ And if "they" were able to pay your hotel, that means this was a pretty important event, am I right? ;)