Monday, March 30, 2009

Live Schedule

New page on the website! Also that is my nose.

Already mentioned the one on 5/16, so the next one is

May 23rd, Takadanobaba AREA
Open 4:30, start 5:00; advance 2800 + drink

with Chemical Pictures, MaitoreiA, Dio, Jewel, Lad


cryptomayhem said...

Are you freaking serious??? You're playing with DIO???

There's no WAY we're missing that show now. Not that I don't wanna see you, but to see DIO twice... *drool*

(We've already got tickets to a DIO oneman also. XD)

Man, I can't wait to get over there.

Shizuka said...

CPs+Dio+Lad *___*
I wish I could go to this live..

Takadanobaba is such a DEAD place XD But..AREA is cool T__T

Anonymous said...

CP AND Dio. Why can't I be in Japan right about now :(

Anonymous said...

MaitoreiA are from Nagoya?
The singer is a friend of mine

Jennifer said...

MaitoreiA? D= That band that has Daishi from Amaterase? @__@ Dear god, I hate being in Canada...

And DIO? T~T argbargle.