Friday, April 24, 2009

Computational Lament

Now my laptop's adapter is dead! Fairly out of commission until I get that fixed. The day I actually got some new recording software too. >_<

Mostly I'm just here to announce our live on June 30th at Sendai MACANA--yep, goin' all the way up to Miyagi.

I'm not even remotely sure as to the correct romanization of the following band names, but that show will be with Karivari, Kyanzel, Tokyo Mikaeru, and Skull.

Also... ONE-MAN LIVE on July 20th! At Shimokitazawa MOSAIC again.

Got lots of surprises coming up but I hate this 2-month gap!!


Evan Benner said...

Canzel and Tokyo Michael are two of them... don't know Carivari... Skull are awesome

Unknown said...

Canzel! Tokyo Michael! They're a lot of fun, musically. They ought to put on a great show with you guys~ I think Calvali is how it gets romanized, however, no guarantees. And stinks about your lappy. Good luck with finding a new one ;-;

Renan Rocha said...

Carivari = Kalvary, i think!

and Canzel is hyper ultra duper cool!! keep an eye on them, their song '光覚ハレヱション' should be awesome in live!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME to see that you'll be having a couple lives while I'm in town... I will try to see the one-man, but no guarantees... are you doing anything after July 24 but before August 4th? ;)