Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is good

The Dear Hunter's album Act III: Life and Death is just utterly perfect. It's like if Muse and Elton John had a kid, and then Pink Floyd and Queen had a kid, and then those kids met up and got married and had a kid with that one really good My Chemical Romance album so the resulting kid could have American citizenship. This is the dumbest thing I have ever written.

But seriously. It's modern with deliberate twinges of vague European and gyspy sounds, but it is by no means irritating or annoying or sound 'indie', nor is it by any stretch minimalist, even at its most minimalist moments. It is very carefully layered and meticulously constructed with Beach Boys/Queen vocals with plenty of emotion. I have been looking for a modern band with good vocal work for ages.

It is undeniably prog, but it is not prog metal, and that's honestly very refreshing. I am quite metal-ed out to be quite truthful.

Now to track down the first two albums.


ame said...

You might dig Fleet Foxes.

They're modern, folk-y, and have drawn quite a few Beach Boys comparisons from the music press.

Silv said...

Fleet foxes left me feeling all indied out to be honest. I got their full disco after numerous people suggested them.

Elec: check out bigelf; Gordon did a review of their newest album "cheat the gallows" earlier in the year(or was it last year) and they're utterly fantastic. Think pink floyd meets the beatles meets black sabbath. They're on the Prog Nation tour right now with Dream Theater.