Friday, July 30, 2010

Almost done


5th and last single almost finished!

If I were to name my 3 personal favorites:

1. Picasso
2. Sick Boy Sam
3. Oboreru Sakana

from 1st, 3rd, and 5th singles.

Busy coupla weeks coming up!

Sunday, July 25, 2010



This scene has lost 5 people at least within the year and I've lost 3 friends. Some of us lose feeling with each one. We're too young for this crap.

Off to Saburou/Zill's funeral.

Everyone take care of yourselves and your friends.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

No Pictures of Chemical Gods


i will write a blorg here

First I'll get the in-store stuff out of the way. I want to thank KAY for pointing out that Zeal Link wrote about our event in their blog and put up a picture!

Today before our show at Omotesando FAB, we had an in-store event at Like an Edison.

The first thing I thought when they ushered us in after I saw the backdrop was of the really fun picture of Go with D'espairsRay, as opposed to something more reasonable, like, wow, this backdrop is kinda dirty. It might in fact be the very same one. So yeah that was briefly surreal.

After Rhetoric, Tokyo Heroes, and Jully, we went up and then Nogod rocked the house, as they are physically and mentally incapable of doing anything else. The crowd called for an encore, and Dancho came out alone, and then introduced the rest of the members for the encore: K on drums, Kyrie on guitar, Jimi on bass, wait what

Yeah, we did a blisteringly fast version of our song "Warau Picasso" as the final encore, and Tenten came out to help pump up the crowd and do the choruses, and Joe came out to play rhythm parts, and Shiun, Karin, and Shinno just sorta pranced around. :-P

I have been an unabashed fan of Nogod for some time. All of CPS has. I have told them that even though they're close friends, I also consider myself a fan. So it was pretty damn awesome to be able to actually perform music on the same stage as these talented musicians.

So that was fun. :)