Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big day.


Spent the morning with Mr.& Mrs. Cryptomayhem before their flight back to the motherland. Mrs. C gave me a knitted eyeball which is way cool and way awesome and also way killah.

They make this trip once a year, they told me. But then they showed me some tickets: they'd bought tickets to the CP one-man in July.

Just... wow. How nice of them. Just ridiculously sweet.

i guess they like cp a lot

As we were saying goodbye, I ran into JJ, who you'll remember as the fake drummer for the band I fake guitar in with Tommy H/F 6. We have something in the worksssssssssss

And then I went to Holiday to see Masaki, Keita, Kino, and Yura do a session band, Kanabun!

First, I wanna just say that the rest of the bands were horrible. Dreadful, horrible dreck. I have lost all patience for any VK that isn't discernably good on some level. I was getting pissed off listening to these awful bands. And I thought, wow, I spent a year playing shows with bands just like this. So that had me bummed out for a little bit. Terrible D covers, terrible Deg covers, terrible oshare-isms, guitarists who should not even be standing on stage yet, etc.

But back to Kanabun! Masaki, Keita, and Yura were cosplaying as characters from some mangas I was unfamiliar with but the costumes looked really cool, actually.

Kino was this guy:

And the costume was surprisingly high quality. Kino has had some insanely bizarre costumes over the years and I wish I could find them on le internets somewhere.

Masaki is the most positive person I know. He is also easily the most attractive male friend I have. And watching him come out on stage... I was watching from the guest area, and I know we guest bandmen aren't supposed to show emotion at all, but when he came out, I couldn't help but grin. Masaki may not be the best singer (although he has improved greatly since Sulfuric Acid), but he is the most fun performer I can think of. The first word that comes to me isn't even "cool"; just "fun". He is a magnet, a star with intense gravity that pulls you in. He is having fun, and he wants you to have fun too.

He's helped me with a lot of stuff. And if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be in CP, if you think about it.

They did two Sulfuric songs, and then beaU's "Chi Matsuri", which is ball-crushingly heavy and too fun. "nandemo kandemo poisute!"

And it was fun to see Keita play guitar, finally! I like his style. Also he has a black SG and I want it.

More coming up; in the meantime, the Cryptomayhems are the coolest people in the world right now.

i accept challengers :-*

Thursday, May 28, 2009

SECRET 5/28 Takadanobaba AREA: Chemical Pictures, Hibari, MaitoreA, LuLu, PureQ&A, Otogadeddo, etc.


Hibari invited us to play seeeecretly at their event.

Mr.&Mrs. Cryptomayhem were there rockin' out again; WHERE WERE YOU, HUH!?!?

Ryoki from KuRt is in Otogadeddo and they had a happy little reunion.

GREAT crowd tonight, especially since no one was supposed to know we were playing!

We did Preparato, Suffering, and Yamu Sora. Suffering is a very demanding song, both musically and physically, and at the end I definitely almost passed out.(°□°;) I should start jogging or something.

this is where its at, yo

Monday, May 25, 2009

bonus shots


The photographer from Visualive is doing a cool job. :D

It's nice not to have to worry about preserving memories myself! :-P

Questionnaire Art


Can you believe this!? Too cool.

Off to rehearsal and meeting!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Children Full of Life


Coming from a long line of educators, and having worked with kids for quite awhile, I just want to share a great documentary.

Don't take anything about America as a whole or Japan as a whole out of this; just think about people.

(as always, never read youtube comments! ;) )

But seriously, this was sweet and inspiring.

I'll write more about rock 'n' roll later.

Saturday, May 23, 2009



Saw Mr. and Mrs. Cryptomayhem in the crowd, super into it! They are the best and now it's your turn to come see CP.
( ̄∀ ̄)

Much better than last week!




Live at AREA today. It should be a little bit AWESOME with a dash of SUPER-RAD.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Live Report 5/16/09, Shinjuku Holiday: Chemical Pictures, PRIMEADDICT, Siva, etc.


Finally, an update of substance!

Our morning started out very punctually; we got to the studio on time, loaded our equipment in our van and made it to Holiday on time. But just before it was our turn to go up for rehearsal, Schwarz realized that we didn't have his pedal board. Calls to the studio were initially unhelpful, which was a further snag, but Shunsuke (bis) let us change out rehearsal time, and we were able to secure the missing equipment. So that took a bit of the wind out of our sails at first.


After our rehearsal, we headed into makeup...


Ta-da! New costumes all around!!

To be honest, I really liked the previous look we were doing so I was initially hesitant to change something I was actually comfortable with, but I'm really pleased with how they've come together.


We two, you can barely tell we're supposed to be in the same band!

As for the live itself... I had some sound problems, by which I mean the sound in the house was fine, but I could barely hear myself on stage. And that leads you to subconsciously play harder than you usually would, which contributes to more mess-ups. Also, somehow we missed a particularly important cue that, admittedly, only we ourselves would know we missed it. And the new costumes are really hot. After we got off stage, we were all rather frustrated with ourselves.

But our lady from Visualive took video and pictures for us, and as we watched it, we realized that it wasn't nearly as bad as it felt up there, and the fans went pretty wild for our new country-blues song that I didn't think would elicit such a crazy response!

Also I don't know that I'll ever get used to a club full of girls screaming "Jimi!!" That still feels weird. :-P

Now, I didn't get any personalized presents, although the rest of the members did. Even so, there was still a lot to go around. Strangely, we received almost nothing but donuts.



Mister Donuts funky faux-hambuger donuts, and a dozen Krispy Kremes.


This was dinner and it was DELICIOUS


We had to wait a million hours to go on, so we played cards and shogi a whole bunch. A very good idea in hindsight.

Siva's bassist is amazing as you all may know, and he and I bonded over talk of Jaco Pastorius and that made us pretty giddy.

Huge thanks to Shunsuke for putting the event together, to mom (the Japanese one) for having nothing but nice things to say, to mom (the real one) for her surprisingly good memory when it comes to our live schedule, Yuri (Rubik), Yuana (Boogieman/ex-Kagerou), Holiday (for putting us on the cover of this month's Holiday Magazine), Visualive (for interviewing us for the newest issue of Alive magazine), all y'all who've said such nice stuff... Surrounded by too many awesome people to count.

Next Saturday, Area; BE THERE or not thats cool too ill understand


Saturday, May 16, 2009



There's a white dude on the train here with an Amazon Kindle. Now, keep in mind that I am tragically unhip when it comes to technology: no portable mp3 player, no gaming console newer than an NES. But the Kindle looks like a prop on a cheesy sci-fi show or a futuristic kids toy. History may likely prove me stupid, though!

In the band van on the way to Holiday; we're cool

Friday, May 15, 2009

5/16 pre-show


Okay, so we are playing our show with Siva and stuff tomorrow at Holiday, which is about really all I can say about anything going on these days without seriously compromising stuff or jinxing myself. D:

Look forward to pictures!

Sunday, May 10, 2009



Just ran into The Cryptomayhem Family at 'baba, after I'd just spent Mother's Day with my Japanese Mom Michika! Totally random, also totally SICKTIGHT (゜∇゜)

J-Mom and I went to go see Boogieman, Moran, and Sugar. Met Moran for the first time, we're looking forward to touring together. Good to see Sugar again, too. They are, hands down, the most interesting performers in the scene right now. Incredible. What atmosphere!

Gonna chill more with Krypto & The Gang later this month too.

also my two moms are better than yours, sup now punks

Wednesday, May 06, 2009



Oh, so I donated blood yesterday so I could figure out my blood type; turns out I'm A type.

Now the Japanese can judge me solely based on that and claim they knew my type all along! :D

I was hoping for X.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Horrible injustice


Pelican is playing at Liquidroom on May 16th.
Chemical Pictures is playing at Holiday on May 16th.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

TH6 Album out


This is pretty surreal.