Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recent images


Official pics from the BtSSB/AatP event

Rehearsal yesterday. Please note that Joe is standing right in front of our drummer, obscuring him from your view. You'll find out in 3 days.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

swoonin' hard guys


You guys REALLY need to see the pictures of Meekster in next month's Cure. I cannot emphasize enough how much of your observance these images require. If scans one day showed up in my email randomly I would most likely not be displeased.

That's all.

Oh, the event went well; lots of people crammed into a tiny room, lots of Polaroids taken with lots of nervous girls. It was fun to dress up all gawfic, like the first batch of VK I ever heard way back, for one day (and doubly fun if you're sponsored!), but I'm pretty thankful that I'm not in a band that does that sort of thing.

I do have to say that Baby/Alice employees are some of the coolest gals I've worked with. Helpful, friendly, and magnetic.

So yeah. January Cure. O_O

uh what


hahaha oh geez

Saturday, November 21, 2009



-The Office remains awesome, shut up

-The kid that plays Kurt on Glee is from my hometown, and I like the show enough but you know what, I don't know that it deserves to be a whole hour long.

-30 Rock is spectacular. I really do think everyone is amazingly strong.

-On a whim, checked out some Community; haven't heard much about it but I'm enjoying that too.

-Daily Show and Colbert Report I have my minor complaints about, but sometimes they still manage to hit it out of the park.

-Tomorrow is our big Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice & The Pirates event, hahaha i will post a picture tomorrow


Coupla new things


1. Chemical Pictures short message on J-Rock TV

2. Steve 'n' me (and Toma and JJ) in this month's INROCK Magazine.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Re: ha


Me and Tenny in the studio.

We're writing a lot; at least six or so songs since last month, and lots of flotsam melodies and jetsam riffs.

There's really not much to report these days, so I'm sorry I've been so quiet. Iwill say that we've auditioned 5 or so guitarists recently, each worse than the last. It's really surprising and frustrating. I could do better. Heck, Tenten could do better. YOU could do better.

Can't wait to show you how I look on the 22nd. It is so un-cps, haha.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Zatsudan: taikutsu


This picture is a few weeks old but I like it:

I had an unexpected mandatory day off today thanks to lots of people catching flus and other horrible plagues. Me, just some minor cold symptoms and a cough. There's an apothecary (I just wanted to say apothecary) a block away but the old guy running it keeps wanting to sell me, um, love potions, so I just decline politely and ask for the Stona.

Mostly I wrote stuff, but also I got distracted watched a lot of,, and 'How It's Made', and it just made me realize that even though I think we have this pop culture image of our nation and youth as unintelligent and fame-chasing for fame's sake, I think it's so amazing that in this day and age we have so many avenues, so many interesting avenues, to discover a lot of really interesting things, to engage our minds, and to have a community of others similarly committed to the tried-and-true pastime of just plain learning.

And then, because we all need to cool down with a bit of the mindless, I found out that the one season of Stella is available for free.

And I like that idea of the pleasant paradox; the chameleonic modern Renaissance Joe, who can, at various, temporally close moments, occupy both the high- and low- end of the brow, so to speak. And I think that more and more people are embracing this dichotomy wholeheartedly.

This has nothing to do with anything.

Yesterday, me, Joe, Tenten, and our drummer _ _ _ _ _ went to Liquid Room (again) to see Dolly's last show with Yuina. All of Hi:BRiD was there, as was Yura, formerly of Ghost and Gakido, Haru from Dog in the Parallel World Orchestra, who is a nice guy but it's a band whose name makes me kinda wanna scoff and smack someone on the arm, and the awesomely and proudly bald Misa, as well as others.

We're under the same management as Dolly and Hi:BRiD but we don't really see much of them, so going in to say hello to Dolly was more a formal matter than anything, and in fact the first time I'd even met Yuina. And last, probably.

Anyway, it was neat and all. Their MCs are quite long, but funny enough for me to let it slide a bit especially if I don't have to wake up particularly early the next morning. It's sort of like if a Japanese Mitch Hedberg and Stephen Wright picked up some guitars and just shot the breeze.

Still looking for a 2nd guitarist, but I'm enjoying the new dynamic of our current setup and the creative blitz we seem to be experiencing. I would like to talk about songwriting processes more in another post, actually.

Also I got this fanart, which is so, so cool:
Man I love you guys.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009



Yesterday I was in the Yoyogi area, and I came across a totally non-descript black building. There was not even a knob on the door that I could see. On the outside wall was a black picture frame.

Written on it:

If I could bartend I'd be all over this.

Monday, November 02, 2009



Man, I just have nothing interesting to say lately! :-/

Drummer has been decided, and not just support. :)
Guitar auditions have been... going. '_'

To those of you who read Japanese, go to theChemical Pictures homepage and scroll down to the very bottom to sign up for the Official Chemical Pictures Mail Magazine!