Tuesday, April 28, 2009

stealin' glasses


Hangin' with Keita.


why did you lie to me (ρ_;)

It was the same reaction when they learned my real name isn't Jimi, though. :-P

Anyway, he showed me some songs he's working on and they sound great. The boy just needs some confidence!

Monday, April 27, 2009



My other cousin had her baby!! \(^ー^)/




Friday, April 24, 2009

Computational Lament


Now my laptop's adapter is dead! Fairly out of commission until I get that fixed. The day I actually got some new recording software too. >_<

Mostly I'm just here to announce our live on June 30th at Sendai MACANA--yep, goin' all the way up to Miyagi.

I'm not even remotely sure as to the correct romanization of the following band names, but that show will be with Karivari, Kyanzel, Tokyo Mikaeru, and Skull.

Also... ONE-MAN LIVE on July 20th! At Shimokitazawa MOSAIC again.

Got lots of surprises coming up but I hate this 2-month gap!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Selling Point?


A bit perplexed that this is necessary to write! D:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wait for me there and Leaving You (february vers.)


And esteemed Guest in the shoutbox gets two points!

More of the same really. Or, more optimistically, more (Jimi/Tommy/the other guys/whoever you're a bigger fan of)! :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Leaving You" (Heavenly6 ver.)


Namika and ShizuenJune2 score!

haha i have no idea what is going on here

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wait for me there (heavenly6 ver.) PV


Kilix and Namika got the jump on this one!

MUSIC VIDEO SEEEECRET: the 'tea' was tomato juice

Haha, this shoot was so difficult. But the fun of seeing the final product certainly overrides it. :)

Honestly, I watch myself in this one and it barely feels like me. Who IS that guy?!

1 down, 3 to go... ;)

Saturday, April 11, 2009




Chemical Pictures, NoGoD, Moran (opening act: SwallowtaiL)

July 5th, Esaka Muse
July 6th, Nagoya ell.FITSALL
July 12th, Harajuku Astro Hall

I'm so excited for this.

We'll also be doing a one-man live on Tenten's birthday, July 20th.

I really couldn't wait to tell you guys; so glad I'm allowed to now. :D

Thursday, April 09, 2009



Added a new live date on June 12th, still working out the calendar. Thanks Kei for that suggestion!

Glad y'all like Laura's design. Still tweakin'. :)

Might be announcements in the next week?

Still haven't done too much flower watchin'!

Went to Lika's hula performance; relaxing and lovely.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009



HUGE thanks to Laura (editor of Askew Magazine and who also writes her own blog and you should definitely check out both and I don't care if they've only released one issue so far because they have been by far the easiest promotion/publication people I have ever done business with in any capacity no kidding seriously the staff gives me presents) for tweaking the design of this thing!

Hopefully this will make for a little more cohesion with my 'personality' and art direction/vision within Chemical Pictures. New Japanese Mom Michika from Vanilla Edge is working on my Japanese blog in a similar vein, and I'm really pleased that both she and Laura have a pretty darn good idea of what I'm trying to go for, even as I keep giving contradictory and conflicting ideas.

Monday, April 06, 2009

more show


New show in the schedule!

June 17th, Ikebukuro Cyber

Chemical Pictures with Hana Shounen, Adapter., Kyokutou Girlfriend, Shirokuro Cinema, and Dazzlee.


so seriously next week i might be able to say some stuff that is awesome stuff

Friday, April 03, 2009

CP blogs



My fellow bandmates are fascinating, so to those of you who read Japanese, I thought I'd introduce why we all like following each other's band blogs.

Masamike is Masami's blog. Masami blogs about the creative process, his spring allergies, apologizing for silly jokes, and pictures of himself. He has a lot of followers who know him from Gossip, and since he's only committed to doing support for us, he sort of seems on a similar plane of existence as Tenten, separated from the other three of us. More power to 'em!

Read Words #2 is Tenten's blog. Tenten is a very honest writer, succinct and funky but he will always write exactly what's on his mind. Writes a lot about friends. Tenten is frequently in the top 20 music blogs on Ameba, and occassionally cracks the top 10. Being in a band with him is pretty surreal, to be honest.

Schwarzwald is Schwarz's blog. He decided that he'd be the "big eater" of the band, and sure enough he writes a lot about food. Who doesn't like food? Surely he's not THAT crazy about food! Or so I thought. Then he wrote several poetic odes and laments about his favorite brand of milk tea. Which, incidentally, is delicious. He also answers a lot of fan questions, which sorta makes me wish I got more questions! (EDIT: his recent Pick Play photo series is not to be missed.)

And Everything in its Right Place #2, Joe's blog. Joe is easily the most interesting writer of the bunch. I very frequently, truthfully, laugh out loud at his observations and new perspectives on events at which I was present and concerning which jokes had been made in plenty. His deft quips at Schwarz's expense bowl me over, and Tenten's ribbing at Joe's expense are so Charlie Brown-like you can't help but sympathize. His writing style is so, so unique, and if you check out one blog I highly suggest Joe's.

And mine, Letters from Atlantis, which has been nice writing practice for me, since I'm pretty much obligated to update this thing insanely frequently, and I haven't really written anything important in Japanese since college. How much does it suck that writing, reading, and speaking are completely separate abilities? D:
Mostly though I just write about stuff I'd write about here, so if you don't read Japanese, don't worry; you're not missing out on that much. ^_^;

Last night after work I went to Ueno park for some nighttime cherry blossoms, with Masaki, Keita, Yanagi (Swallowtail), and Kino (ex-beaU). Couldn't stay long, but it's nice to know I still have friends. :) Also Kino is a trip! If you were familiar with him in beaU you will probably be like "duh" but hey.

all i can tell you is that we are gonna play a show in sendai

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Jimi on the TV on the Internet


Not a single one of you was fooled by my previous entry, were you? :-*
I'd been thinking about that one for months, too! D:
Still it was fun to write, and also wake up to a million emails on my phone, since whenever a comment comes it gets sent to my keitai. :)

Anyway, quite a few people have linked me to the TV performances, so for those of you who missed them, first the one I was in:

That set was not conducive to good shots of me, although since I was merely window dressing and it wasn't really my performance, I don't really mind. :)

Earlier in the show she'd done a song as February:

My friend is the 2nd from the left most of the time, but when they get the letter cards she's holding the first M. She is ridiculously lovely, speaks fluent English, and although we kept meeting up in the hallway to talk we kept getting called away by makeup or wardrobe or, like, having to go to work. Just darling. Also even cuter in normal clothes and no makeup, which is just unfair. I hope we work together again because she just lights up the place and I feel warm merely being in the same room as her. And this is purely in an aesthetic sense.

today is cp rehearsal gah i wish i could tell you guys stuff so bad

Gotta explain somethin'


I need to be completely honest.

Rock J
apan Elec-tric is a work of fiction.

I am not in a VK band. I can barely play guitar. My Japanese is beyond awful.

The content I've been writing for the last few years have been com
posites of other peoples' experiences, photo manipulation, educated guesses, and lots of hoping and praying no one would call me out on it.

Lots of it was just latching onto obscu
re-enough bands and just making stuff up as I went, but I think the way the story is progressing, it was going to be more and more difficult to keep things uncheckable.

To all the people who actually d
id go to Japan and agreed to pretend to have gone to see Laverite or met up with me, thanks so much for keeping the secret for so long!

If you
feel betrayed, I'm sorry. This was a "what if?" scenario, and also an anthropological experiment.

so much for reading up until now.