Monday, November 15, 2010

new chemicals


(Saving this as a draft and not posting it until it goes live somewhere, just to be safe!)
 Okay, seems like some people have heard about this so here it is. Wrote this a few days ago.

Just got a text from Schwarz.

Shota was our drummer after Masami and before Shiun. I'm glad they're both still goin' for it. :)

That super funky-sounding song you hear, the 2nd and 3rd clips after the flash intro (why do bands still do that!!) was one of my favorite songs we'd done together when he was still with us in Chemical, even played it live a few times. It hasn't changed much, but I'm glad he's putting it out. I hope they do a version of Suffering; that song was cool too and we played the heck out of it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

To answer some questions


First of all, I am so lucky to have such awesome readers/friends as all y'all. Thanks for your comments.
The comments from my Japanese blog have been similarly touching, so thanks.

Oh, first of all, I am not leaving Japan. Stayin' right here.
Here's my visa sitch: I'm on a Humanities visa, which seems to be one of the broadest kinds of working visa. My work in music or TV hasn't netted me an income more than X amount (I forget what it is, but the ceiling is very high) to warrant any sort of funny business. It's side income and totally fine. How else would it be legal for people to teach private English lessons, I guess is a good way to look at it.
Anyway, it's up at the end of the year. I changed from "Instructor" to "Humanities" when I started working for private kindergartens after JET, and I've already notified the various govt's that I've moved, changed jobs, etc. I pay taxes on the money I make doing TV or PV's and all's good. Which isn't really even all that much, or often. Seriously; add up all I've done and it's pretty paltry.
The band is getting too big for me to continue. Visa's up at the end of the year. To continue, I need to be a viable wage-earner. Not possible while touring the country making 0 yen. So either go home and not do a band, or stay in Japan and not do a band. Bummer! D: :-P

EDIT: Oh, and to answer some other questions about work and stuff. I am working full-time. I have been since I set foot in the country. In fact, most, most, most musicians are working. Even on major labels. I think you'll find that bands who don't have to work are in the minority.
There was no option to approach our management because we don't have management (Speed Disk only financed and distributed our releases).

On to some of your comments:

Anonymous wrote:
"I paid 3800 yen to see you, and you played with six other bands; it was a relatively large venue, but still: I don't see how that makes enough money for food and rent for everyone involved, while still covering costs."
-It doesn't. :)

Ken said: "If you ever want to grab a beer or bounce song ideas off somebody after everything settles down, let me know, I don't see myself leaving Japan for quite awhile."

cryptomayhem said:
"Now it'll be way easier to visit you next time we come over. :P"
-I know, right?!

Silv said:
"I'm just glad I was able to see you guys live. That experience is easily in my top ten shows."
-You're silly. :-* Kidding, kidding; that is really cool to hear. I sincerely hope we get displaced, though! :D

another Anonymous wrote:
"I'd been pretty scared about going to see Tenten live, after some rumours in the English-speaking community about him being rude to white girls in the audience in some live. You definitely cleared that up for me, haha. I was excited to see you two on stage together."

-Haha, I wonder what that could have been about. His mom is a white girl so I really see no reason that he would have done something like that. Maybe he was trying to be fun and got misconstrued, or they were being annoying, or he really was a jerk. I find all three scenarios equally baffling, though. Maybe it's just some weird telephone game thing!

"Myself and the huge, scary Jimi fangirl I call a friend (she's too afraid to comment to you herself as well) are wishing you success and happiness in whatever your future endeavors are!"

-Thank you! And to your friend: DON'T BE SHY :|

"PS: Maybe those roleplayers will stop playing you now, haha."
-Hahahaha wait whaaaaaaaaaaat D:



We did this awhile ago, and it was pretty fun. I'll transcribe it later, maybe?

Monday, November 08, 2010



December 20th is my last show with Chemical Pictures.

There are lots of reasons I'm leaving--wanting to get my visa straight, wanting a more stable life, ftc.--but none are due to 'musical differences' or internal struggles.

I still believe CPS is a strong group of great musicians and friends who should and will go all the way. I just won't be there with them.

You've all been great supporters and friends and I hope you've enjoyed watching my little foray into music and such. And I'm sorry if this is a sudden shock.

I don't see myself being in bands anymore, at least not as a main member in an active vk band, but it wouldn't be fair to disappear forever. I'll be around in some capacity, maybe, though it may not be soon. And I'll still be in Japan.

Thank you all so much!!

Monday, November 01, 2010



I forgot to say!

Choice Chemical Pictures songs can now be sung at karaoke now. :)

Feels like an accomplishment!