Thursday, February 25, 2010



KuRt has a one-day revival show and I'm off to go see.

open source


There's a relatively new band around that I almost joined rather than cps. The song samples you can hear are songs I helped write. I made the right decision, personally, but it'll be interesting to see how far they go.

Oh, and liquid room show was fun, forgot to write 'bout that!

Sunday, February 21, 2010



Not a bad show; not a bad show at all.

AJ n me and all the others


Starts at 3:31. I don't know how to embed AND do a timestamp because I am living in 2003 apparently.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

on the road


Comin' home.

Fun show. First time I've said that in awhile.

Kamiyu is talkin' Kansai-ben but he don't fool me, he is an Aichi boy through n through

more pix later!



just watched skull

drummer and lead guitar are siiiiiiick



Nagoya's a tough crowd to read but we will rock anyway

Former Jakura guitarist Kamiyu has been our manager today, and he is cool people.

Sekuan's vocalist Yudai is super nice and they are a cool band, seriously go watch "Good Morning Subculture".

Did anyone see us in Cure? we were tiiiiiny



All done.

Hair is shorter, makeup guy is fast, and I have the distinction of being the first gaijin he's ever done. :D



hey dog on a post

that does not look too fun for you

already in nagoya



it's adorable D:



i get chocolate from fine ladies

being in a japanese band is full of perks like that

Nagoya again?


Yep, off to Nagoya again. Playin' with Sex-Android, Skull, Serial Number, Vanessa, Tokyoes Shitei and Michael, and Vanilla, the one with the semi-colon.

Band names are usually terrible.

Sorry I haven't written much. There's just not so much I feel like I can write about rehearsals and stuff without feeling falsely grandiose with nothing of substance to show yet. Also yes, I am pulling away a little bit, a small retreat of sorts as I evaluate what kind of life I want and how to get it. It's actually quite nice and I recommend it, although I owe lotsa people emails, like Ken and Crypto and such.

I cut my hair, though?! Man long hair is overrated.

Pictures later!

Monday, February 01, 2010



Ryo, the drummer that played with us when I first played with Steve, was back from Miyavi's world tour and it was great to catch up with him again!

There were tons of artists also there today.

-Leona Lewis has a lovely, lovely singing voice, and only when you talk to her does it remind you that she is British.

-AJ got along with us effortlessly and he's cool to be around and shoot the breeze with.

-Karasu, the VK superband composed of Mucc, Alice Nine, jealkb, Ayabie, and Sadie members, were also there. JJ had been in an A9 PV once and he and Hiroto recognized each other, and the three of us had nice chats during downtime.

-Kimura Kaela is TINY. Even in heels she was TEENSY. Also just uncomfortably and distressingly cute. We went on after her and when we passed each other we said our requisite otsukare's and she smiled and clapped for me and oih my freakin goodgness egbonjggnorgggurogdfsdffhtnbvwvrerth

-Perfume are very clearly good friends and have loads of fun being around each other, and I think that contributes to that something they have that makes them so infectious. When we greeted each other, I mentioned that we had both been on the same broadcast of Music Fair when I played with Tommy Heavenly. I'm 150% sure they didn't remember at all but they just seemed so pleased to hear this and looks of doubt or attempts at recollection never crossed their faces, and they were charming and adorable. Between meeting Kaela and Nocchi, I think I can die happy, like right now. Also, A~chan is much prettier in real life.

-Every single member of AKB48 was there, and while I can't say that I found a single one of them to be my type, each and every one of them exchanged proper greetings with me as we got ready for camera checks, and that was quite nice of them. Of course that means I had to respond 48 times as well. (Or more, because apparently there are actually more than 48 girls? I don't get it whatever)

tomorrow is some other stuff
also new cps schedule, i will write it out later

You Key Gah Foo' Roo


Just played bass at NHK Hall, which is huge, with AJ of Backstreet Boys. It was fun and I'm kinda fanboyin' bout other stuff so I will try to write when I get home. Meanwhile, it snows.