Sunday, May 11, 2008

Naturally 7, "Wall of Sound"

Not only do I like some hip-hop like Digable Planets (because of the jazz) and The Roots (because they're all instrumentalists), but I also have a big love for good a cappella groups/performances and similar things like vocal percussionists, such as Rahzel and Wes Carroll. My mother is a vocal teacher and coach and both she and my dad have done tons of teaching and performing, so as you know I grew up in an insanely musical environment.

And I just discovered a group called Naturally 7 and this video is way, way cool:

Hope you enjoy that; it's really impressive.


e said...

Impressive, definitely, but does it still count as "using only your voice" when Jamal is clearly using distortion and delay fx to get those lead synth and/or guitar tones? Jus' nitpicking -- I can't even get those sounds with a real guitar. ^^;

Elec said...

If you eat the mic enough you will end up getting that uncompressed tube tone. I was skeptical too until I watched a couple of live performances with similar sounds in them, and them. :)

And yeah maybe I should start doing what he's doing because he's better at mouth guitar than I am at real guitar.

Anonymous said...

Way cool group!Tight harmony, great vocalizations! Fun to see what you are doing...

From your former choir director - Kathy

Anonymous said...

Also lovin' this clip, song and probably band, too!

Thanks for showing them to us :D