Saturday, January 23, 2010


Been super busy EVALUATING MY LIFE AND PURPOSE so it's been difficult to write.

On the way to Osaka for the next part of the tour. Stayin' in a hotel. Shiun's drivin'.

Quick thoughts:

-new year show
we were bad. crowd was great, even though we were playing an away game, as we are not undercode material.

getting better.

Things need to improve. Lots of work to do, though increasingly I find myself fantasizing about settling down for a normal life.

BUT WHO CARES NOW, cuz brb gonna stomp osaka in da face :)


cryptomayhem said...

Hey, man, just keep keepin' on ya got support and OH MY GOD JAPAN HAS DAD'S ROOT BEER.

skagirlie said...

you didn't EAT that burger, did you? it's so cute!

captcha - wedis!

liath said...

Don't worry Jimi.....stomp like you've never stomped before!

Life evaluations are an ever present thing for a thinking man like yourself.....
Don't let down-days make your decisions for you.


Arithmetica said...

That burger has a face and you probably devoured it :0

Go said...

"normal life" has its attractions. when everyone's young they look at settling down / suburbia / 9-to-5 jobbage / house+kids type stuff with something like horror, but there's definitely a reason so many people do it...

i also look at bands that have been around for a decade or two (or three) but *haven't* hit it big -- and the band members always strike me as being "stuck". They have to tour constantly (which sucks except for thehour they're onstage, and even then, that stagetime gets old), they are reduced to ebaying autographed crap (which i always found degrading)... they have no health insurance, they can't start a new job, have no college education... it's rough unless you make itto U2 or Metallica levels...

so have fun now, see where you're at when you hit 27 or 28, *then* consider bailing out of the whole music thing, if that'swhat you're contemplating. (Tho i think you'd make decent money working as a tour manager for japanese bands touring the US, if you ever wanted to keep onefoot in the biz. :)

Anonymous said...

One thing about normal life these days, is that kids graduate from University and then get jobs at walmart or in opinion polls that they could have had straight out of high school. So it's not like you're wasting any golden opportunities by playing music and looking good and making people happy until you're, say, 30.

You're a smart guy, that's a problem ... you'll always have self-doubts and you'll never be certain you're doing the right thing - whatever that might be!

Ebaying autographed stuff sounds pretty good to me.

Anonymous said...

You guys were NOT bad at Kinema! I know there's probably a lot that went on that the audience didn't notice, but everyone was rockin' in the pit. I was extremely impressed with your set, having never really heard CP's music before (aside from the single), and while you're probably right about the not UCP material thing, you guys were a breath of fresh air from the same act over and overandover that (many of) the other bands seemed like.

Good luck on the tour!