Sunday, February 21, 2010

AJ n me and all the others

Starts at 3:31. I don't know how to embed AND do a timestamp because I am living in 2003 apparently.


Badymaru said...

Lookin cool Jimi!

cryptomayhem said...

Yay! You even "do the Jimi" during the show!

If you don't know what that is, I'm not gonna tell you, 'cuz it's so goddawful cute, I don't want you to be aware of it and stop doing it.


Shizuka said...

Cool thing :D

Somehow you and the keyboard guy really look like people who usually have their own fans in front of them XD

Go said...

oh man, my wife is gonna flip!

Holly said...

Jimi, you look fabulous in the clip! That guy with the solo, and the keyboardist... Are those the same guys from working with Steve Appleton? I love how you totally rocked along, because the song does sound great!

I'm totally with cryoto on this, too XD

Anonymous said...

Timestamp is easy, just found out how to do it yesterday.

After the link add this:

まおCupcakes said...

is that JJ swinging in the background?
You guys sure do spend a lot of time together!

Lyssa said...

I spend 90% of my time on the computer and about 60% of that time on YT...
And I just now learned how to do a timestamp.
It's a good feeling. :P

Also, cool performance. :)
You look so into it back there. XD