Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm really sorry I haven't written in awhile. Sure we're busy, sure I haven't been at my computer in ages. There are tons of things I want to touch on, but I go through periods where I don't know how to express it, and I pull away for a bit. I mostly hide out on twitter and my japanese blog. Easier to do from my keitai.

Some news: Samples from Beretta are UP on YouTube, so please check them out.

Also, a few weeks ago we filmed a PV for Walking Ashland, which will be on the 5th single Peacemaker. Tenten put a sample up on his blog and we should have a cleaner version on YouTube soon.

We have been recording the 3rd single, 火縄銃 (musket), which will contain the 1st song I wrote for Chemical Pictures. Let me just say that I have been arranging all the complex vocals for Tenten and the female vocalists,and programming synths and writing English lyrics and mixing and tweaking and engineering, and gosh darn it, I deserve some recognition for all this behind-the-scenes stuff. :| I didn't even know how to do half this stuff 2 months ago.

As for actual arrangement skills, I think I picked that up from mom and dad somehow, so I hope they hear their influence in our cacaphony.

Lastly, tomorrow, we leave for Korea with D=OUT. I'm excited and scared and secretly looking forward to the food more than the shows.

OH. If you haven't heard Tokarev, do so and let me know what you think. And then if you like it enough, please buy it if the mood strikes you. :)

See you soon.


cryptomayhem said...

Wow, you didn't know how to do production at all???

'Cuz Tokarev sounds solid. The songs are just as danceable recorded as they are live. XD

Can't wait for our copy of Beretta to come in..


Have fun in Korea! (I want native Kimchi and Bi Bim Bop so bad).

tt said...

Thanks for the update! This is my favorite blog, you do so much interesting stuff.

Toaster said...

Hey Jimi! Long time no see! *Hides face in shame* ><;; Haven't been much on the computer as well... But you're going to Korea, huh?!?? My home country! Congrats on making it over there! Next, conquer the whole world! :D But once you're there, it's most likely gonna be HOT HOT HOT and HUMID HUMID HUMID, so here are some cold dish recommendations from me! For a main dish, try nengmyun (thin white noodles in ice) and for dessert, try popbingsu (red bean sherbet sundae)! A warning for the poppingsu, it comes in a HUGE bowl, so be sure to share it with your other band mates!! Those things will definitely cool ya off after a hot live. Oh and also, native kimchi and bibimbap is simply KICKASS. You can't get any better stuff than in the motherland. You'll shun American-made kimchi forever after trying the original stuff. Assuming you don't get any crappy kimchi, that is. :P But don't worry, heavenly kimchi will be plentiful there! And make sure you get dol (stone bowl) bibimbap if you do decide to get some spicy hot stuff! I also recommend the ever-so-famous kalbi (barbequed Korean ribs) or samgyupsahl (grilled pork belly) or bulgogi (spicy pork) if you crave some serious meat. Kalbi's a little on the expensive side though, so go for samgyupsahl or even bulgogi if you're on a tight budget. Still good stuff though! Ahahah, I wrote a whole essay on food, but I hope you'll make an entry telling what food you ate in Korea! Oh yeah, stay away from the green peppers they serve as a side dish in most restaurants... Don't want you to be crying waterfalls and having nosebleeds in Korea. :X Good luck in Korea, and have a safe trip returning to Japan! x]