Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3rd oneman

That was fun. Sorry I'm late.

Has anyone heard case 5 yet? :D

New guitarist is rui from The PumpkinHead.

So many people came to see me, which was great. Nathan from HearJapan, JJ, Mackaz from High and Mighty Color, Yuki and Hizaki (who later wrote on the Versalles blog that he's the one who recommended me :-P), Shizna, and tons of others.

It was a loooong set. We played everything from our catalogue except for Rubbish and,Sick Boy. We even played most of the SE tracks live.

Cryptomayhem and biju_ska came out from the US, and I was lucky to have dinner with them the night before. They are wonderful friends.

CPS is planning a mini-album and 3 months of one-mans for January. Yes we are kinda dumb.

Thank goodness for a 3-day weekend plus another national holiday afterward!


cryptomayhem said...

The show was a blast! JJ was nice enough to come find us after the show and say hi... it was neat to finally meet him.

Set was really tight, Rui seems like he'll fit right in.

And case 5 is alotta fun. Because it has Walking FREAKING Ashland on it. And ska breakdowns. Yup. Ska breakdowns are where it's at.

Next time, though, ya gotta come see us. XD Preferably when it's not raining.

Lisa said...

Oh awesome! I loved watching Rui in the Pumpkin Head back in 05 when I lived in Osaka!

Hopefully planning a trip to Tokyo next summer so maybe I'll get to catch you guys then.

Sai said...

Glad to see you guys did well and had a lot of fun. (As for your set-list... the two I really enjoy long forgotten. Alas!)

Congratulations on the great one man, and since you've got another bunch coming up, I've gotta wish you luck on those, too. Because, you know, you guys are silly and think that it's an awesome idea to pack as much crap into the shortest time possible.

And it's good that you got to see your friends. :D

Good job, Elec.

Go said...

sweet! i was afraid you guys might not be putting out anything for a while.

I just panned Case-04 on the blog, gomen. :(

Looking forward to Case-05 and the MINI! And perhaps a live album... (or at least an unofficial soundboard recording?)

sadboyinsnow said...

I haven't heard Case-05 yet, but I ordered cases 3-5 yesterday so they'll arrive hopefully soon.