Friday, October 15, 2010


Yesterday was Saburou/Zill's memorial live. It was neat.

Since Sizna joined Moran, Ryota was there as a roadie. Was nice to see him again and catch up. I hope he can restart something soon.

Before I left Laverite we had jammed with a singer named Kousei, who is now in a band called Levia with former Seven Seas members. He's really very good and I think that's a good fit.

Gift had a one-day revival so Shinno was there, and Dancho and Kyrie so you know how fun things get when nogod and cps are in the same room.

Miki from Mix Speakers Inc was in Scissor with Shiun so he and Yuki came to our dressing room and Yuki and I became friends.

Soan/Towa and Hitomi worked really hard so I'm glad it all went well.

I think its finally time for a birthday party


cryptomayhem said...

Yay Ryota! I hope he gets somethin' goin' too... he seems like a nice dude.

And yah, I feel ok about Levia, but that's mainly 'cuz I worshipped the ground that Seven Seas walked on. Spacetime Pirates playing power metal? YAAAAAAAAAA.

Also, totally off topic, but I think only you would appreciate this... I spent most of last night listening to different live versions of Larks Tongues in Aspic... all parts of it. XD

TT said...

I saw you - you were awesome!

ken said...

Thanks for clearing up the Levia thing, I'd heard them and then heard that the singer was in Laverite, and was like "where the hell did that guy come from?"