Monday, November 08, 2010


December 20th is my last show with Chemical Pictures.

There are lots of reasons I'm leaving--wanting to get my visa straight, wanting a more stable life, ftc.--but none are due to 'musical differences' or internal struggles.

I still believe CPS is a strong group of great musicians and friends who should and will go all the way. I just won't be there with them.

You've all been great supporters and friends and I hope you've enjoyed watching my little foray into music and such. And I'm sorry if this is a sudden shock.

I don't see myself being in bands anymore, at least not as a main member in an active vk band, but it wouldn't be fair to disappear forever. I'll be around in some capacity, maybe, though it may not be soon. And I'll still be in Japan.

Thank you all so much!!


liath (I fixed the hyperlink to this ID) said...

We (the readers)will still be here too Jimi...even if you're just writing reviews from the other side of the stage, or talking about your now slightly-more-normal life.

Decisions like this take a lot of courage, you're a brave guy and I wish you all the best of everything for your furure-life.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed, maybe surprised, but not exactly stunned; glad I had the chance to see you live ... it's just that I paid 3800 yen to see you, and you played with six other bands; it was a relatively large venue, but still: I don't see how that makes enough money for food and rent for everyone involved, while still covering costs. Good luck with your next adventure and may it secure you a Japanese Visa!

mizuha said...

I'm surprised.

I don't know what to say, my english skills right now are = 0.

Espero que tudo fique bem.

We will wait your comeback.

Best wishes.

Badymaru said...

Hey Jimi, you know April Fools isnt for another few months, right?

In all reality though, We've been here for you before CPS and We'll be here for you afterward. ^^

Heather said...

Shit, kid. I'm terribly sorry to hear (or read) about this--though I do understand that this is the best thing for you right now, which is all that really matters. It's never a decision that can be taken lightly, and I'm sure your friends and family will support you no matter what. I hope that the fans that you have made over the last few years will stay with you too, because support is always the most important thing for a person to have. Doesn't matter if you're actively making music or teaching, or you decide to be a lion tamer or whatever.

You don't have to be some rock star to make you happy, or make you content with your life. Do the things that make you the happiest, make you feel the best, and make life enjoyable and as care-free as any life can be.

If you ever need or want to talk to someone, I'm here (or, you know, other people... yeah...)! We may not really know each other well, but I know that an ear (or set of eyes) is always a good thing to have around.

This probably won't be the last time I come bug you--I didn't exactly come here in the first place because you were a musician, afterall. All I knew is there was this kid named Elec that my friend Cally knew, and she just kept going on and on. Figured I may as well figure out who she was talking about. That may make me a freak, but then again, aren't we all?

And hey-- no matter what, remember to smile.



Xelyna said...

Hey, you had a good run and got lots of experience! I'm sure you'll move on to even better stuff in the future :D

ken said...

In anything you do man, rock on, although it'd be a shame for you to disappear from music completely because I really think you're a great performer.

If you ever want to grab a beer or bounce song ideas off somebody after everything settles down, let me know, I don't see myself leaving Japan for quite awhile.

Good luck to you and CPS!

cryptomayhem said...

As long as we're all having fun, it doesn't matter what we do, yeah? Now it'll be way easier to visit you next time we come over. :P

Lisa said...

Dear Jimi,

I'll admit I'm disappointed I won't get to hear you play with Chemical Pictures like I did with Laverite, but you have to do what's best for you.

Please keep posting about your mad adventures in Japan!

Silv said...

I'm just glad I was able to see you guys live. That experience is easily in my top ten shows.

Anonymous said...

Jimi, I'm really sad that I won't be able to see you live, I was looking forward to it!

I'd been pretty scared about going to see Tenten live, after some rumours in the english speaking community about him being rude to white girls in the audience in some live. You definitely cleared that up for me, haha. I was excited to see you two on stage together.

Myself and the huge, scary Jimi fangirl I call a friend (she's too afraid to comment to you herself as well) are wishing you success and happiness in whatever your future endeavors are!

PS: Maybe those roleplayers will stop playing you now, haha.

Lala said...

"I'm just glad I was able to see you guys live. That experience is easily in my top ten shows."
^ 2nd

oh man... ;___;
You're still awesome though. Best wishes for your following adventures in life \(^^)/

... we'll miss you T__T

Anonymous said...

Oh bummer. I'm going stay in Japan for 10 months starting March and I was really hoping to see Chemical Pictures (with you there, of course) live.

I do wish you luck with your visa and stuff.