Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today was my last show with Chemical Pictures.

It was fun.

I fly to California tomorrow.

More later. (but we played with ROACH today; remember them!?)

Thanks for all your support. :)


Unknown said...

Have a safe flight, and a fun trip home!

http://twitter.com/lessucettes said...

Indeed sad, and yes, have a safe trip.
How long are you gonna stay in USA?

maire said...

thanks for being part of something that made me do silly things.

(not that i'm going to stop doing silly things, but just do them less often. :P)

enjoy home!!!

zytroop said...

fuck yeah :D

liath (I fixed the hyperlink to this ID) said...

I hope you have a safe flight :)

Enjoy your stay at home,and let us know if you get anything particularly shiny for christmas!

.....and...Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, California bound! I drive to Cali on Saturday :] Fly safe, man.

I miss you!

I'm pretty sure we're hair twins, atm. XD

Sharifah Hani Yasmin Al-Idrus said...

Hope you have a safe flight! :) And oh, I've sent a message to your gmail. I'm sorry for the length of it though, hopefully you don't fall asleep while reading it :P

Merry Christmas! (:

Kelly said...

Merry Christmas!!

イサドラ said...

Ohh, we miss you already...

Take care!
Greetings from Brazil!