Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Why I am no longer a Famous Celebrity Blogger

I was hanging out with Tenten and Taku last night and they asked why I' d started a new blog. As we were talking about the process with Ameba (which is kind of convoluted), your representative management has to apply for Special Celebrity Blogger Status, and I guess when Front Mission turned in the applications for Taku's blog, Ameba people must have figured that I didn't need a blog anymore. Or something? It's not really a big deal. It all went down as I was in America and there really wasn't a way to get a hold of me in a jiffy, and I guess no one realized the implications. But everything's okay now, and I'm blorgin' and bloogin' away (i.e. i have written one post)!


林檎ーЯ− said...
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林檎ーЯ− said...

Hello this is Ringo here! I follow you in Twitter BTW hahaha I just wanted to say hi, 'cause even if you don't believe me I admire you.

Plus I enjoy reading your blog though hahaha, do you mind if I add you to my amenba?

Nice to meet you Jimi!

P.S. sorry about deleting my previous comment I'm not very used to blogspot XD