Wednesday, March 09, 2011

ZY, Planetarium

I just found this on YouTube. This was at the end of a tiring Osaka-Nagoya-Tokyo tour and at first I couldn't tell where this was filmed! (Area.)

This might be the only time you see all 5 of us on stage. :)


cryptomayhem said...

Oh, AREA, how I miss thee. That's the best place by far to see a show. It's just... warm.

And it's only a block away from a Go Go Curry. And a badass arcade. :P

Go said...

go go curry! great place to meet before a show to fortify oneself for battle. :)

the vid was a nice treat, jimi! hadnt heard this song for a while.

ken said...

AREA looks twice as big as it actually is in videos. It is indeed my favorite livehouse.

And you're right, because when I saw you guys, Tenten wasn't even there, just you and Joe and the drummer, and you were more or less the frontman (and a damn awesome one. ^^)

I think I'm going to see Moran and NoGoD at the end of the month, so I'll look for this Go Go Curry you guys are talkin about, because I've never seen it!

chucky r. darwin said...
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Go said...

it's a few meters past the livehouse entrance, same side. Beige an orange famiresu desu! It's like the denny's you'd go to after a metal show. :)

Shizuka said...

How I envy those.

I mean you were great with 3 at Area haha.
How awesome might it have been with 5 of you guys on stage.

fred said...

I have not listened to j-rock for a while (1 year) but i love your song. Shit was so cash. What is the name of the song?