Thursday, January 03, 2008

My 2nd TV appearance: Honda CM

The shot itself lasts maybe 2 seconds. I got paid too much for that. :-P


But y'know, it was kind of a long shoot, and there were other factors that made the time tough, but they gave me a bonus for my troubles. And, this isn't really "work", so no complaints here!

My housemates all emailed me in force to let me know they saw me.

Watch it!



Aural Candy said...


(Verification: myvvsuls)

harumi00 said...

awesomeness indeed!

Go said...

i third teh awesome!

is it bad that my first thought was "i wonder if miko saw this?" ;)

Xio said...

You're on your way!!
... To what, I don't know!

Elec said...

Thanks, AC and harumi! :)

And Xio, I think I'll be doing things juuuust like this for quite awhile. :-P

Go: Well, now that our dynamic will be a little different I'm hoping that this only helps things. ;)

Wolfgang said...

Did you get the robot's autograph?

I also join the others in the saying awesome!

Fumashi said...

haha this is so cool! keep rockin' dude

M. said...

too bad... i was really hoping to see you dance along with the robot.

haha seriously thought that's pretty freakin sweet.

Wolfgang said...

Also the fact that you can truthfully say the phrase "My 2nd TV appearance" is pretty darn awesome as well!

Lemon said...

That's so cool. I wish it was on in America so I could go "ZOMG I SAW ELEC ON TV!"