Monday, December 31, 2007

New wireless toy


This is the XDS95 digital wireless from X2 Digital Wireless Systems, which I bought today with grandma's Christmas money, for only $300--quite a bargain, especially with the original price approaching $600 or so, and with a particular acquaintance back home in Japan having paid ¥80,000 for his (just over $700).

I went into this seriously skeptical about the concept of wireless, and in fact almost a little perturbed that I had been asked to purchase one. Digital wireless is a relatively newer concept for guitars, and it's not that I'm skeptical of new technologies, but since I lack so much knowledge of audio equipment (I consider it a failing as a musician) I would rather have been guided by hands with experience. In fact, I really wasn't all that comfortable with the idea of wireless to begin with, but hey.

I was all set to buy a particular Shure wireless model--not digital--but a couple of the guys behind the counter, having overheard my conversation with the clerk, quickly jumped in to tell me how much they loved how idiot-proof this digital one was. Which is good, because I too am an idiot!

I got home and set it up and it was the easiest thing in the world. It's very small and therefore easy to transport, the sound doesn't drop out at all, and there are no interference concerns. The input jack screws into the unit so there's no way the cord will fall out accidentally. The unit itself is tiny so if I wanted to put it on an effector board I could. Internal antennae, no knobs; I really did have a perfectly beautiful sound. I went all around my house playing and nothing was lost. I went into the backyard, I went into the front yard, I had half a mind to walk down the street but by that point I was satisfied.

I can't wait to try this thing out in a live setting.



stephen said...

i wish i knew more about audio, too, but that looks and sounds awesome.
dumb (possibly extremely dumb) question: if someone had the same product, could they interfere with your sound?

Ame said...

I imagine that the two players would simply set their wireless rigs to separate frequencies.

stephen said...

well, that's what i mean. if someone watching you play had one of their own and wanted to screw around, could they just use the same frequency and mess you up?

Elec said...

Now I have to worry about musical saboteurs?!

steve why you make me so paranoid

stephen said...

'i've been using the sniper rifle.'

'you've been using the sniper rifle? saboteur! i should kill you in real life!'

Elec said...

That's it, game over. I'm going to kill you for real!

I have been watching those DVDs non-flippin'-stop since Christmas. It's sick and I am so in love with Pam, Karen, and Jim. Yes, all three.

e said...

Is it okayed for use in the JP? When sold in the US, wireless transmitters like that need to be tested and cleared by the FCC and FTC (TSA?) to show that it won't interfere with television, radio, emergency service signals, airport beacons / traffic controllers, wi-fi, satellite / mobile phone networks, etc.