Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Magazine!


On a hot sunny day like today, I bet you think to yourself, as you wipe your forehead with a copy of V ROCK STAR 3 with the Laverite section removed, "man, I wish a had something to read about Laverite while I kill this unspecified amount of free time I have!" So you head off to the bookstore, but first duck inside a convenience store to buy a drink, which you pay for with two copies of V ROCK STAR 3. You finally find the magazine section of the bookstore, and buy four copies of V ROCK STAR 3: one for yourself, two for friends, and one to line your birdcage, sans the section with Laverite. You find a spot in the shade, sip your drink (what did you buy?!), and read about Laverite, pausing only to reflect on how awesome life is, using another copy of V ROCK STAR 3 as a bookmark for the copy of V ROCK STAR 3 you just bought for yourself.

(also your friends each go buy five more copies each or something)


RyuKen said...

hahaha XD, Congratulations elec and congratulations Laverite, remember: This is just the beginning, So get used to it.

PD: it is possible that maybe, one day, I could find the magazine online? cause in my country is completely impossible to buy it, I just cant find it.

MaD_StalyN said...

same for me , if you could translate it that ll be great man

congratulation for your first magazine...won t be the last one for sure!

Michael said...

So what magazine is Laverite in? ;*

Martijn said...

Congrats Elec! ... and what does the magazine say about you guys?

Fred said...

please,translate it!

Anonymous said...

I just left a request for LAVERITE in the jrock_scans lj community for the issue. :P

Elec said...

Haha, you guys are crazy awesome.

As for purchasing it... when I first mentioned the magazine appearance I linked to the publisher's website, but beyond that I don't know anything about how to get this thing out and over to you guys. :(

If someone doesn't pick it up and translate it in a week or so I will. :)