Thursday, August 28, 2008

Live Report 8/24/08, Urawa Narciss: LAVERITE, Ray, D'LORE, VesuVio, Homura,


We were sixth out of seven bands, and therefore I was up in the dressing room for most of the show and couldn't see most of the bands and can't remember which other ones played that I'm not remembering, but whatever.

With all the free time you have up in the dressing room, you start to go a little crazy. I always have a book or my DS handy, Yue sleeps, and Ryota and I practice guitar. We also doodled a lot in my sketchbook.

Like, seriously, our rehearsal ended at like 2:30 and we didn't go on until 7:30, so we had a lot of time to kill.


So finally it's time to go on, and there are so, so few people that come to see us specifically, and it's getting harder and harder to keep our chins up in the face of that, because it just means we have to pay more at the end of the night. But we made a promise to each other recently: no matter what happens, we will have fun, because we've practiced enough to be secure in our playing. Even in the face of mistakes or missed notes, we must enjoy ourselves, so much so that it sucks people in like a tractor beam, even from all the way to the back of the hall.Yeah, it's a bummer to have a tiny fanbase, but you give your all because no one will come to you until you've reached that balance of good playing ability, attractive stage personality, and using your music as a communication tool.
Ultimately, I have to please myself first.

Yue was particularly good that night, and I just focused on enjoying playing my parts, smiling like I know a secret, and trying to make eye contact with everyone in the room.

Everyone was sitting down, except two guys were enjoying us and standing on my side. Gradually, the songs seemed to reach many of the girls, and, sitting down, they did the little hand motions. Honestly? That's enough for me. For now.

But the guys started looking behind them, beckoning some of the girls to come forward. Finally, midway through our set, about ten girls rushed toward the front, enjoying each other, enjoying the silly guys, enjoying us play, sakuing and giving us little heart signs, applauding our ballad, and getting really pumped up as I laid down the funky groove on "Sexy Dance", and did the neat little side-step thing we do in the verses of "Solidarity" along with us.

We got off the stage and couldn't say anything. "What the hell was that?" I finally said. Yue grinned. "I don't know, but it was definitely cool." We turned to Ryota, who always starts off with the bad parts of the performance before saying anything good. "That was kind of the best," he said.

Taking care of money at the end of the night, even the staff was surprised. "Did you know any of those people?" they asked. We didn't. All of them were new. Which meant that they wouldn't count toward our ticket total for the night, but I'd rather have had a great show and have to pay a bunch of money than to play a poopy show and have to pay a bunch of money. Still, a couple of them bought picture sets, a few said they'd be back the next week for the free live, and some even wrote sweet fanmail to us.

One thing I noticed is that Ryota's tell-tale pre-show nervousness is dissipating. He jokes that it's because he was so nervous meeting Kamijo that now playing a show is merely small potatoes.

I'm really, really looking forward to Sunday's show.


"Rosemary" is all "sold out", and 300 copies of the re-pressing of "Sephirot" are in and around the Tokyo area: Closet Child (Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Harajuku, and even Yokohama), Like an Edison, Club Indies, and Third Stage. It's absolutely free, so go pick up a copy.

Tomorrow is the Exist Trace 'revival' live. D:


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up!
Things can only get better from here on!

-an anon

Geoff said...

So how does this whole "pay more depending on the amount of fans you have" thing work? Thats confusing, does it only happen in the vk scene?
And hey man everyone starts small, sooner or later you'll be that big and upcoming vk band, I know it. And don't forget about your little fanbase in north america. Im dying to hear some of your stuff.

Anyways I've been reading this blog for almost a year and this is the first time commenting. I'll make more of an effort, you deserve to know people are rooting for you here.
Peace man,

nook said...

Congrats on taking what could've been a crappy night and making it into something really cool! I think it's a mark of talent, skill, and professionalism. :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am cheering you on from the US. :D

The more you play, the better you guys improve, and the more people will come! At least, that's what I think. I'm glad you had a good show though! Have FUN at the Exist Trance show! \\(^-^)// *cheering*

- Joan

zytroop said...

I've never heard that you pay depending on how many fans you bring. Tell us more :O

Xelyna said...

Damn the waiting must drive you nutsD: Maybe you should take up knitting or somethingD:

But anyway, it's a good sign when girls rush to the front midway! Usually they're too shy to stand at the front for a band they don't know, but if they listen and get into your music, and someone gives them a reason they will go to the front with their friends. If you see the girls doing the furi sitting down you need to start inciting them to come to the front or they won't!


Klisk said...

Back when I played shows in the US there was the same system, actually:

You sell as many tickets as you can. There's a set amount of tickets. Whatever you can't sell the band has to pay for out of their pocket. It's a set amount. I've seen smaller bands pay as much as 300 dollars to play per night since they couldn't sell tickets, so they just ate the fee. Personally? I've given up on playing in bands here, I just can't enjoy doing all the screamo stuff. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Not sure exactly how it works in Japan, but it sounds like a similar system.

Elec -- Man, still jealous of you! And it sounds like, what with the girls rushing to the front mid-show, that you're definitely building a reputation/fanbase even despite how new you are on the scene. That's like the best sign ever. Only bigger things can come!

Kagami said...

Agree with klisks last paragraph !!!

You'll do it Elec !!!
Your fanbase grows and grows and for sure not just in Japan !!!

Ito said...

God, reading your blog makes me feel excited FOR you. Dude, you have my support all the way. If there is anything I can do for you, just drop me a line. I'm a graphic design student, so yeah, if you ever want some one to make some album art for ya for free, you know who to come too, lol.

tsukasa said...

ufufu... thank you for saying that Sephirot is on sales.. time to get my friend to get a copy for me and ship it over to Singapore XDD

you've done a lot so far, just keep going~

Bottle said...

I would really love to hear 'Sexy Dance' haha. A video would be even better ;D

But whoa, it must have been such a rush when those girls ran forward! I really hope you see some return for your next show! Can't wait to hear about it :D

rizumu said...

Jimi is my hero I miss him :D

Designer Sunglasses said...

these guys were sure to hit the airways. the way they dress up, it seems they're fashion will also be a hit in japan.