Monday, September 01, 2008

Political Action Hero

Putin gives us another compelling argument to the idea that he is the reincarnation of the stern Czars of old as he shoots a tiger to protect a camera crew.

Two live reports coming up, and I'd actually love to make more political commentary but the internet just doesn't seem to be the place to do much of it because so much of it goes beyond "healthy debate" and into "tinfoil hat" territory, so I'll stick to tales of awesome like this, and whenever Biden lays the smackdown on anyone.


mrvolt said...

I don't know. That Putin story almost sounds staged. As for Biden, he doesn't so much as smackdown as talk people to death. Still, that's preferable to McCain, who'd bomb them.

Do you remember Prince Charles's reserved reaction to an assassination attempt? Gunshots are heard, and he reacts by stoically adjusting his cufflinks.

Elec said...

Oh that just REEKS smoothness. :D

yamavii said...

"Putin quickly shot the beast and sedated it with a tranquilizer gun"
action hero? - yea at least he`s trying..I guess..

Go said...

mrvolt - i thought exactly the same thing, that it was totally staged. i'd like to believe it's not, but c'mon, two news crews and no video?

Go said...

otoh, he *is* humping a hot olympic gymnast regularly, so that's sorta cool.