Wednesday, September 24, 2008

AREA preview

Man, it just does not feel like I have a live today.


kiwi said...

You're hair looks better and better! Do you do it yourself? >3

118 said...

Hi Elec! Long-time reader, relatively new poster. Never really understood my reticence to not comment on your blog, anymore than I do my courage to finally write here.

Anyway, I'm not important. All I wanted to say is that I'm just one insignificant fan wishing to say you rock! You pull of the VK look with ease AND I'll bet you're a even more talented player than most out there trying to make it big!

Kudos to you-dos, man! ^_^

118 said...


(Damn it, typo-ed compliments never kick ass.)

Go said...

so either you're getting comfortable in your role, or you don't care about the band anymore, which is it :p

liath said...

Nice hair Jimi! Seriously envious here.... :)

Lemon said...

Cool pic man. The dark room makes it look a tad gothic too ;)

Klisk said...

My hair is the same length as yours, pretty much a very similar haircut, and I can't get it to stand up like that at all! Very jealous. You seem to have found the secret.

I've tried everything from gatsby to sebastian to backcombing with no luck. :'(

Phoenixflower said...

Definately cool hair... and I noticed Yue bleached his hair again!!!

maicle said...

Your hair looks fierce, Elec.

Elec said...

Kiwi: Yep, I do hair/makeup myself. Wish I had staff!

118: Aww, you're too kind. ^^

Go: I've just been so busy worrying about work that I didn't have time to prepare myself psychologically to ROCK OUT. :-P

Klisk: I use backcoming and some SERIOUS heavy-duty Gatsby hairspray I got for free when I did the event back in April. :)

Phoenixflower: yeah, he's a chameleon! :-P

faith said...

dude, congrats on playing at AREA, just checked visunavi the other day and you guys were listed. iirc it's a hysteric media zone event, right? that's awesome!

and yeah, the hair's looking pretty pimp!

klisk, in my experience, some people just have hair that can be styled really easily - if you don't, it's all about patience and method. you need to take each section slowly, deliberately, focus on one thing thing at a time and be ready to spend about 1~2 hours getting it right. also I can't stress enough how much the cut itself helps. cut your hair already thinking of how you're going to want to style it.

PS: just came across this while searching for you guys: La Vérité from Niles, Ohio.

Anonymous said...

hey my hair is kinda like yours right? I had a hard time using japanese hair spray and serum cause it made my hair GREASY.. did you have that problem ever? Im pretty sure its cause my hair isnt thick japanese hair..
I wanna know if i wanted to try gatsby for my hair (sculpting the ends) which one is good ? .__. i dont want it to get greasy-looking Dx

Bottle said...

Hey Elec! I really can't wait to read the write-up of this report! I hope it went well!

To everyone discussing hair here, I posted a small guide on my Blog for guys on how to get it cut!
A shameless plug I know, especially because the article is badly written xD but maybe it can help someone?? :)