Friday, December 05, 2008

Hidetora session details

Last night was our ONE time in the studio before we actually play live. And one of the guitarists wasn't even there, so I haven't met him!


December 8th (Mon) Urawa Narciss

Vo.秀虎 (Hidetora, G.O.Z VII)
Gu.クマ (Kuma, AibeLL)
Gu.華雪 (Kayuki, 焔 {Homura})
Ba.慈弥(Jimi, LAVERITE)
Dr.ゆーいち (Yu-ichi, G.O.Z VII)

The rehearsal was seriously fun as all get out, though, so I'm excited for the real thing. :)


Kagami said...

It's like !Wow what a self-confident band!
Just one rehearsal minus one guitarist....

You are probably nervous but I wish you a ton of Good Luck and fun !!!

When already the rehearsals were fun the live is sure going to be fun, too^^