Friday, December 19, 2008

Tommy Heavenly6: "Unlimited Sky" PV


Some notes:

-We filmed this the same day as the "Papermoon" video, near Mt. Fuji. It was my first time seeing it (the mountain), so that was neat.

-I don't know if you can tell easily but the band is the same as the first video.

-The drummer is wearing my shirt and tie, and the jacket I am wearing is one of hide's. (This was the secret; sorry it's not that amazing... didn't realize the lengths to which people would fantasize! :-P)

-Finally, that guitar solo in there, as well as most of the lead guitar parts, were NOT in the mix that they gave us that day, which is why no one is playing it! It came out of nowhere for me on my first viewing of the finished product. :-P

Also how do you guys find my stuff before I do?! You are the best, seriously.

Massive props, thanks, and kudos to sneakglove. :)


sneakglove said...

Thanks dude. Following Tommy & The Brilliant Green is almost a second job for me, so I will always find new info quickly (apart from when it happens when i'm asleep.). Great info, although I thought your info would be that you are touring as Tommy's backing band on a world tour or something. I really shouldn't fantasise. I did notice ther guitar solo is missing, but it does close up on you at that point, which makes it look like you are playing it, kind of anyway.

Xelyna said...

Wow, looking good! You got lots of nice close-ups in this one too:D

Marius said...

Not that amazing? That's effing AWESOME. I'd kill someone to wear hide's jacket.

Well, no I wouldn't, but you understand the sentiment.

Still, now you're like even more so the coolest guy I know.

Ryan said...

Haha, I'm with Marius. Jacket looks like it fits you, though. Assumed you were much bigger than hide.
Any story behind it? Costume dude/girl was probably buddies with him, right?

also, lol at the look you give during the solo. Awesome.

Lemon said...

hide's jacket? Wow! I feel like a fanboy thinking that's cool is, right!?

Go said...

you all look so much skeevier than in the last vid!

i'm torn between asking about the jacket (did it smell?!) and asking about what an american school bus is doing in japan. :)

Klisk said...

I'm thinking (assuming? am I wrong?) that the school bus was green-screened in there, and actually isn't behind them for real.

I'd like to know more about hide's jacket, too!

Elec said...

Sneakglove: Hehe, thanks again. And again sorry to disappoint! I shouldn't have been so faux-secretive. ^_^;;

Ryan: From what I understood chatting with wardrobe people briefly, he'd done a shoot for some magazine and he'd given it to them. I might be misremembering that but I just know hide wore it for awhile.

Go: The only sense I remember associating with the jacket was that it was HEAVY and STIFF. I couldn't move much, my boots didn't lend themselves to walking, and it was cold and late. :-P

And to you and Klisk, the school bus was actually there. :-P I guess I've been in Japan long enough that out-of-place things don't seem so out-of-place and I take them for granted?? ^_^

Ito said...

Seriously, everything you do just makes me more and more envious of you, in a good way. Really cool about the jacket, but I think that I'm with everyone else and just think that I'm being too much of a fanboy, lol.

But seriously, years from now, you should write a book about all the stuff you talk about in this blog. That would be epic.

Kataomoi said...

Thanks for the great notes! I recognized the area you were in, near Fuji, but wasn't sure. From there, not too far, you can see what looks like a villa and that Pirate-esque ship is down there putting about, wasn't it? That's also not far from Fujikyu (sp?)either...