Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jimi & Ten^2


Went and hung out at Tenten's for awhile today; he picked me up from the station on his motorbike and basically screamed at the top of his lungs how cold it was all the way back to his place.

I'm excited about this disc of raw tracks he gave me, and regarding other music, we have surprisingly similar tastes. And for a self-described beginner, he's a pretty competent guitar noodler.

I got three absolutely ridiculous job offers this morning and by the end of the day all three had fallen through. Ah, the transience of this silly business!


Kagami said...

You mean job offers for the model Jimi or for the bassist.

Tenten seems congenial.

nook said...

I recognized the checkered floor tiles in the photo background from all the pics Tenten posts to his blog.

Tenten's face also looks really different in the photo you posted. Maybe it's just the angle or lighting.

little_lemon said...

Tenten has a blog? Where is it please? I'd like to read more jrock/VK blogs, Jp or Eng :D

Ito said...

What is Tenten's definition on cold? It just dropped into the negatives today D:
I'd love to hear what Tenten's been up too, It would be awesome if you guys became good friends.

You know, you are killing me with the suspense about what you are going to be doing next XD

Bottle said...

Ito: "You know, you are killing me with the suspense about what you are going to be doing next XD"

Yeah, me too xD

Anonymous said...

I think this thing with TenTen must work!!(hottest guy around btw, hahaha)

Toaster said...

*Pictures a Jimi clinging onto Tenten's back for dear life on his motorbike while Tenten screams SAMUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~*

...I don't know whether your excitement for going to Tenten's house would overwhelm the pain of sitting next to a guy screechin' at the top of his lungs at freezing temperatures, but if you were really giddy, then hey, anything's possible! Hoping to hear more updates from ya! :]

RevengeBabyYeah said...

Tenten's alive?!
Haha I was wondering where he went.