Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stood up and down

Last night Keita and I were going to do something with a couple of people, but they fell through so we canceled. That had me pretty bummed out, as I had been looking forward to it. Then Hizaki called and said he had some people who wanted to meet me.


Remember Tokami, and how when I first saw them back in '06 and they had the pope singer? That's Kaito, and he was with us, so it was neat to catch up with him. Also his presence put a couple of puzzle pieces into place, and when I mentioned that I'd finally figured it out, Hizaki called me slow. ;_;

Tenten (KuRt) and I bonded quickly, and Yomi (Nightmare) was also there, inexplicably. His speaking voice is much higher than his singing voice would have you believe. He's got tons of energy and we got along well.

Some older guys in a regular rock band showed up, all from Osaka, so Hizaki and all those guys spoke a rapid stream of Kansai-ben, which, just from Hizaki's unapologetic refusal to speak Tokyo-ben, certainly trains your ear pretty fast. One of the guys there, almost twice my age, was familiar with a lot of places in CA where I've spent my years, and it was nice to talk about familiar landmarks and hangouts.

The restaurant we were all at was closing so we then headed to the Rock 'n' Roll bar of one of the Osaka dudes, and just lounged about til morning.

Also Kiyoharu showed up. 30 minutes later he left.
I didn't speak to him personally, but you should have seen Tenten and Yomi freak out hard.

Hizaki and I left the place around 8am (>_<) and I came home and CRASHED SO HARD and I must have slept 9 or 10 hours, and it's currently 8pm, so there goes an entire day and my sleeping schedule! Tomorrow's a national holiday though, so I think I'll be fine. I miss daylight though!

I am not cut out for that kind of schedule. O_o


Kagami said...

It's so awesome.
It sounds so unbelievable to be true.

PS.: There was no sexual harassment by Yomi?? XDDD

HB said...

I've been following your blog for a while - it's really interesting to read what you have to say. I think it's so awesome that all this is happening for you!

Lol I have to wonder though... were you ever surprised when you met some of these guys by how they looked? I mean, I know some vk-ers look almost unrecognizeable without their makeup....

Go said...

kiyoharu emailed me and saad he was really upset that you didn't say hi, and that's why he left so early!

Lisa said...




ken said...

Aw, poor Kiyoharu was just far too shy to come speak to you, don't hold it against him.

Toaster said...

Damn. I want to be you. XD

Kiyoharu just had jury duty; he forgot so that's why he had to leave so early.

nook said...

**** you met Tenten! That's really cool!

I also thought it funny that both Yomi and Tenten got very excited when they realized Kiyoharu was lurking about.

You've been having some awesome adventures. Thanks for deigning to share them with us!

naiyshap said...

: )

it's so fun to read your blog. seriously.

Elec said...

Kagami: only a little :-*

HB: I dunno, I guess I'm just mentally prepared for a disconnect when I see these guys out of makeup. Some of them don't look THAT different. Hizaki and Jasmine You might be the only major ones I can think of; the others crazy examples are just from the little bands I've played with over the last year.

Go: Nah, he was there to see his Osaka buddies and to meet Tenten and Yomi. :-P
Although I can't help but wonder if he thought we were all boring!

ken: Nah, that guy was far too cool to be shy; doubt he even saw me clearly in that tiny, dark bar. :-P

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I noticed - once again - just today how much Kiyoharu resembles Prince. And he's the motherf**king Lord of Good Music!

Anonymous said...

(Kiyoharu, not Prince.

And it's so interesting to read your tidbits about THE SCENE. Please continue and write a protected entry containing all the stuff you couldn't possibly present publicly once in a while!)

Lisa said...

Kiyoharu is the epitome of fabulous. Being within a three foot radius of Kiyoharu, aka the fabulous bubble, makes one instantly more fabulous. If Jimi had actually got within the bubble, then he'd have become too fabulous to blog about anything other than tiny dogs and food. So perhaps it is good he did not meet Kiyoharu, even if this means that he is not as fabulous as he could potentially be.

*apologies to Jimi for spewing retarded nonsense all over his blog*

cryptomayhem said...

"Also his presence put a couple of puzzle pieces into place, and when I mentioned that I'd finally figured it out, Hizaki called me slow"

What would that have been, I wonder? o.O

fuzzurin said...

I just...don't even know what to say. Kiyoharu?!

This is all so crazy. Really awesome, man. I'm happy you're making all these great connections.

Loh said...

Been lurking here for some time and I got to say: You met kiyoharu? AMAZING! Too bad i didnt go for the RES concert on the 25th when i was in Japan or I would have met you!

BiZhu said...

You're so COOL