Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nagoya again?

Yep, off to Nagoya again. Playin' with Sex-Android, Skull, Serial Number, Vanessa, Tokyoes Shitei and Michael, and Vanilla, the one with the semi-colon.

Band names are usually terrible.

Sorry I haven't written much. There's just not so much I feel like I can write about rehearsals and stuff without feeling falsely grandiose with nothing of substance to show yet. Also yes, I am pulling away a little bit, a small retreat of sorts as I evaluate what kind of life I want and how to get it. It's actually quite nice and I recommend it, although I owe lotsa people emails, like Ken and Crypto and such.

I cut my hair, though?! Man long hair is overrated.

Pictures later!


Ken said...

Nah, all is well man, you've probably got a billion things on your mind and in your email box. If I end up staying here for the next few months, I'll definitely try and hit one of CPS' gigs.