Saturday, March 13, 2010


Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Chemical Pictures.

Sorry I haven't written much these days. I'm still in that process of REEVALUATING MY LIFE and stuff.

Do you ever find yourself hating music? I'm in that boat right now. I saw an old interview with Mike Patton recently where they asked him what new bands he thinks are good, and he says he hates music. I could definitely relate. I find myself listening to free lectures on my iPod far more than music, except outside of CPS stuff I have to learn.

We've got a huge setlist tomorrow and lots of shenanigans so it should be really cool, actually.

In other news, I just fixed some hardware and electronic problems on my 5-string and I haven't felt this manly in years.


Xio said...

Getting a little burnt out, I see? Maybe it's time for a vacation or some shit.

I've got music projects of my own and even at the lazy pace I'm taking them I feel like if I did any more I'd get burnt out really quickly and just want to hide from music for awhile.

Tjodolf said...

Musicians hardly ever cross the street to listen to the stuff, or so I hear. (Saw it in a book about the German singer Nico.)

Silv said...

The interview with Patton, at the music festival where Wolfmother is playing in the background and he rages over how bad they are, is fantastic.