Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here is our mission for March 14th, 2010:

1. My Harlot Broker
This is, at first glance, a typically heavy soaring VK anthem made distinct, in my opinion, by the tons of interesting vocal and guitar layers. New song, and one a friend worked on with us.

2. 笑うピカソ / Laughing Picasso
We've been playing this song a lot this year; very Thee Michelle Gun Elephant-ish.

3. 溺れる魚 / Drowning Fish
Weird dancey riffs that go into a fast punky chorus. Debuted live with Warau Picasso.

4. Human Rubbish
One of the first Chemical Pictures songs. Masami helped out with this one.

5. Bluesmen -MC-
A competent, slow and smoky blues jam, because Tenten hates MC'ing over silence. It does mean, though, that I get very few breaks. :-P

6. 闇に降るプラネタリウム / Planetarium
Another new song; Tenten plays guitar live for this, which he enjoys all too much.

7. 翼を下さい / Give Me Wings
The heaviest we get without being outright metal.

8. 感情屑籠境界線 / Emotional Boundary Wastebasket
I have no idea how I should translate that. (don't tell anyone but this isn't going to be my favorite song anytime soon if you catch my drift)

9. 病む空 / Sick Sky
This song's been around since before CPS.


10. 奈落に咲く / Blooming in Hell
My first songwriting contribution to Chemical Pictures I've done all on my own. I've been sitting on this song since I was 17, and I'm afraid it will show...

11. Black Box
Another old song.

12. Reincarnation
You should know this one.

13. 素晴らしき忌々しさ / Beautiful Stupidity
Another old song.

14. Walking Ashland
Good ol' country rockabilly craziness, I dunno.

15. Stand By Me
Another old song, and our standard closer.

16. (music)
If anyone remembers the old old CPS site, there was a flash intro that started with Schwarzwald and after a divebomb squeal went into a 6/4 groove; that's what this is. We should probably name it one of these days.

Nervoussssss and now I will sleep!


cryptomayhem said...

Dude, Walking Ashland RIGHT BEFORE Stand By Me?

Did you guys write the last bit of the setlist just for me, or what?


That's why I'm up @ 6. :P