Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Recording 3

Currently in the studio recording the 3rd single scheduled for June release.

This release is overall a bit heavier, but I think we've taken special care to ensure that our heavy tunes are a bit more intelligent than the rest of the rabble.
Still, I think the variety of songs on these releases is wide-ranging and I'm excited to be able to release this many songs in digestible bits.

Touring is hard but I think I'm getting used to it.

Recording is taking place in Speed Disk's studio, pretty much across the street from Takadanobaba Area. It's small and intimate and the engineer is a wonderful guy so I'm glad we're recording with the same person for this batch of releases.

Drums and bass done on the first day, and then though technically I don't have to stick around, Joe and I like to be around during each other's takes to tighten up riffs and sections and think of parts together. And then I have to be Tenten's English and harmonies coach. So I actually have quite a lot of work, and yet recording is my favorite part of anything.

Had a meeting for our next outfits and I'm actually excited for the first time since the suits. The best thing about just going with black suits for outfits is, hey, new suit! which you can wear anywhere to anything! Like to a job interview!

i brought my computer today because i can only play street fighter on my broken DS for so long :(


cryptomayhem said...

Right across the street from AREA, eh? That means you have quick access to a Go Go Curry, which is never a bad thing.

p.s. Get yourself another DS, you've earned it. Maybe one of those giganto old people dee-essess (I can't figure out how to pluarlize it)