Monday, November 15, 2010

new chemicals

(Saving this as a draft and not posting it until it goes live somewhere, just to be safe!)
 Okay, seems like some people have heard about this so here it is. Wrote this a few days ago.

Just got a text from Schwarz.

Shota was our drummer after Masami and before Shiun. I'm glad they're both still goin' for it. :)

That super funky-sounding song you hear, the 2nd and 3rd clips after the flash intro (why do bands still do that!!) was one of my favorite songs we'd done together when he was still with us in Chemical, even played it live a few times. It hasn't changed much, but I'm glad he's putting it out. I hope they do a version of Suffering; that song was cool too and we played the heck out of it.


cryptomayhem said...

That dude constantly blows my mind whenever I hear him play. Every now and then, when I fire up In My Dream, I drool at the solo. I convinced biju_ska to add the single to her next Brand X order. ;P

ken said...

Good to hear he's still around, that guy's an awesome guitarist.

亜姫 said...

Wow aim sound really good!