Friday, March 21, 2008

Taiban news

Those of you who've followed my live jaunts will realize how nifty it is that I will soon be sharing a stage with a band (Byakura). It's also cool because they're releasing two singles on Sequence Records in May and June, and it's nice to see progress.

Add another one to that list: on our 5/31 live we're playing with Vagu Project, which I'm super excited about. Looks like they're finally looking for a live drummer and guitarist too; those of you who can read Japanese check out the amusing section about that.


That day, we're also playing with Mamono. I'm scared.


Klisk said...

Vagu Project is still around? That's pretty awesome to hear you playing with them.

Anonymous said...

something random... i saw your mom yesterday, my childrens theatre class preformed at her elementary school. unfortunatley the stage we had to use was her class room so she was displaced for a bit, but she was super gracious about it and even stayed to watch.