Sunday, March 16, 2008

Updates and Wishes

Last week in the studio we had our first 'band fight', which struck me as kinda cute in a milestoney kind of way. It was incredibly innocuous, but given how our rehearsals have either been cold and robotic or only slightly silly it was fairly 'exciting'. Mostly it was the other two passively-aggressively disagreeing on the vocal performance of a particular song that it important to its writer (with an emphasis on the 'passive' part), and I played peacemaker because I am oblivious. It was over quick and they made up and the rest of the rehearsal went swimmingly.

I have received exactly 3 messages at my fanmail address. The first as from the aforementioned staff girl asking to swap cell phone contact information; the second was from one of the students I taught when I went up to that high school in Ibaraki, and the third was from an American internet buddy. I'm grateful for all the sentiments therein, don't get me wrong, but I'm sort of inwardly smiling that my status as Laverite's least popular member is evidenced by the hit count on my personal Laverite HP, mixi stuff, fanmails, the conspicuous white void on questionnaires when it come to the personal message to Jimi section, etc. To most people this might be a bit discouraging, but for me it's actually pretty cool for the time being: while not exactly invisible, I feel much more comfortable simply being able to watch and learn--to be an apprentice in this scene, if you will.

More studio time today: I think work on the next single a little bit, work up the set list for next Saturday (which is our show with Aibell, Cloche, Diablo, Saimon, Velllapis, OZxBONE, and Byakura), and figure out what that 2am phone call was all about. (There may be a Hillary joke in there somewhere.)


Go said...

"It's 2am at the Gaijin House. Who do you want to answer the call?"

*ring ring*

Elec: [groggily] What? Hello?! [pretends to hear/understand] Um, I agree! [hangs up, turns to Maki] I'll ask the Cabinet what that was all about in the morning.

Martijn said...

I can see where you're coming from being content with staying in the dark in the beginning. As you guys become more popular I'm sure you'll have to fend 'em off though!

I'm also definitely coming to see Laverite if you play anywhere near the Kyoto area from the start of the next semester.

Kataomoi said...

LOL go's reply is priceless. Also, by chance... Do you know any Christian missionaries in Japan?

Also, I have a treat for you!
Kimura Kaela interview in Feb 08's Seventeen and pg 2

I got accepted into an internship with the International Mission Board but... I have nothing to sell or any money, soo... Having some trouble. I'll be in Japan ... (hopefully), from May 20 until Aug 6, jic you wanted to know. =]

mrvolt said...

Principled anarchist that I am, I laughed at the Hillary joke, though I couldn't discern it exactly.

Meanwhile, someone named Sara J came damn close to producing a heroic couplet in your shoutbox, dude. That rocks!

Klisk said...

If I'm ever in Japan I have to see your band. (But that's unlikely since I never went to college, and my current job pays UNDER minimum wage!)

But that being said, I feel the incredible impulse to just spam your band email to make you feel more popular, haha. ":3