Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Instore report

We weren't as nervous as we were for the Shinjuku event, so the talk went a lot smoother than last time. I still hate going first in a round of questions; I like time to think. Maybe it's just because the Shinjuku Zeal Link is in Marui One, but it's so much nicer than the one in Shibuya, which is in an older building. The white background just seemed a bit lonely, and it was dark and I couldn't see the back of the room, where my manager was standing, as well as the dude reading the questions! I have a hard time following along if I can't see the speaker's face. :(

That said, it went well, I think. Lots of new faces, lots of regulars we recognized... wanna give a shout-out to my California girls, who have already commented on the older entry, and the seriously cool-looking, really nice French dude who was the lone male in the crowd. There was one Japanese guy in the audience at the Shinjuku event, too, so that's neat.

The picture part of the event took a long time, and quite a few of the girls bought another ticket so they could go through two or three times, so it was quite tiring, but it was neat to be able to do that, and to see just how devoted these wonderful people are to these three silly guys. O_o

Looking forward to the 1-Day Alice and the Pirates Employee day!


KarleeJ said...

ah. thanks =D it was nice to be able to meet you. hopefully we can see you guys around tokyo more. its cool to see other californians making their way in Japan. I am hoping to get in to JET once i graduate and work here too!

liath said...

Sounds like you guys have a really sound fan club forming! Very cool.
Soon you'll not be nervous at all doing these things.
I was just thinking today how that I've been reading your blog since about 4 months after you started it! Since way, way before your first music project when you were teaching kids full time and stuff.....man, you've come such a long way, I mean you've now got room-fulls of fans who buy extra tickets so they can hang out with you for a few seconds more! I mean, it's CRAZY AWESOME!


maire said...

psst, your band kicks ass. just fyi.

and I know of someone who has a neat new desktop wallpaper. it's got these three really cool guys in it. she's pretty geeked about it. (no, it's not me. honest!)

acusymn... seems more like a medical problem than a captcha...

ken said...

Ok, so what do you do at an "in store" anyway? It looks sort of like a press conference...do you answer random questions from the crowd or what?