Tuesday, October 20, 2009


On 9/23 at Rokumeikan, we actually shot a video.

In 3-D.

Some sort of newfangled Blu-Ray thing, with sturdy plastic glasses. Still, I've had a thing for 3-D movies since Captain Eo as a kid. Kitschy novelty, but still neat, right?

This hasn't been used by a lot of musicians. In the entire world, at this point in time, the only artists who have done this kind of 3D concert filming are Michael Jackson, U2, Yumi Matsutoya aka Yuming, and Chemical Pictures.

At this point the company is using it sort of as a tech demo...the technology has practical uses but they wanted to show us off too to give an idea of entertainment options that aren't movies.

...and such and so forth

neat :D


Anonymous said...

tokio hotel did that 3d filming too, just to complete your list^^

アリス said...

Didn't Hannah Montanah do it too?

skagirlie said...

you know, my first thought was Captain EO... is that still running?

yeah, I'm old. :P

Shizuka said...

@anonymous + arisu

Jimi talked about musicians...


Lemon said...

Hey, that's pretty neat...glad to hear you guys are getting cool opportunities like this :)

Too true...;)

gabriel said...

lol, is their any chance of us seeing that?

kagitsune said...

DOOD. Captain Eo. 8D Really miss that thing at Disney Land... maybe they'll show it again as tribute to MJ?

Also, 3D concert filming? That's really incredible.