Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What I Am Listening To Way Too Much These Days and it's All Joe's Fault

Perfume. Tons of Perfume. Shh, I will not be embarrassed by this! It's my commuter music. It has the ability to genuinely brighten my day without being cloyingly sweet and annoying, despite the fact that it makes no attempt to claim that it is anything more than it is. Members, songs, lyrics, and choreography alike are planted firmly in the 'refreshingly sweet' category without being that special brand of sickeningly Japanese "cute" nor erotic sexiness without a purpose.

Love The World, One Room Disco, of course Polyrhythm make the journey with me along with Twinkle Twinkle Powder Snow, Chocolate Disco, Secret Secret, and it makes me feel like things are going to be okay. No need for angry music as a cathartic tool, as even thinking anger out is enough to turn it into a habit; no need to force myself into a smile with comedy albums I've heard dozens of times by now; just some plain, fun electro dance music does the trick.
The ladies themselves are sort of known over here as being not exactly the prettiest of pop acts, and while Joe bucks that trend and adores them all, I fell instantly for the short-haired one after I saw the Nocchi-only version of Macaroni. Very, very much in love with the old home movie vibe of that one. (Hey, now that Kaela's dating Eita, I've gotta find some other celebrity crush now don't I?)

The other is The Reign of Kindo, a jazz-indie-rock band from New York. Some niggling element of their sound almost reminds me of The Pax Cecilia, that NY band that would send their album to you for free via post anywhere in the world (I got one :3), though not nearly as stark, dense, or despairing. It also reminds me a bit of The Deer Hunter in its lushness and the earnestness of the singer, but the crispness of the production and the musicianship on display here is amazing. It occupies a comfortable seat at the edge of accessible, as the loose, flowing jazz brush paints with strokes of pop and rock. I also do not hear individuals on the songs; I hear an ensemble, even with the singer involved. Emo-jazz? I dunno, it's just what I need right now.

I don't typically like linking to myspace, but all the songs I would have recommended are on that playlist. Leave it on in the background or be absorbed into the mix, whatever you like. Call me a blasphemer but I find that their cover of "Do You Realize" is far, far preferable to the original Flaming Lips'.

More examples of my questionable taste in music at a later date.


cryptomayhem said...

I took up the Perfume flag after I found Polyrhythm on Pop'n Music... then I saw it was on DDR... and THEN Marty FREAKIN' Friedman covered it! Marty Friedman!
If it's good enough for Marty, it's good enough for me.

Go said...

OMG they appeared on SMAPxSMAP like 6 months ago, and that hit song of theirs, "Polyrhythm"? -- Kate played it over and over and over and over... "Ku-ri-ka-e-su" x100000000 >_<

so either you have the taste of a kindergartener or Kate has the taste of a professional musician.... :)

Michael said...

The title is "Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow" and also Nocchi is definitely the most attractive girl.
Have you tried listening to capsule? Their music isn't always as upbeat as capsule's, but recently it's in the same vein as Perfume's music is (oh i wonder why could it be because the music is written by the same person no way), but their older music is more lounge-y and sort of bossa nova-inspired and it's really nice.
Also some other acts Nakata Yasutaka is involved in are MEG, NAGISA COSMETIC, and COLTEMONIKHA, and you probably already know that he did the music for a couple Ami Suzuki singles and her latest album.

lovershigh said...

Lol perfume is so badass. Love their music and their producers writing. I would go as far as to say they are one of my top artist of this year!

Been listening to their Electro World song after jamming their triangle and game album nonstop.

Jen said...

I just got into Perfume recently too. My guy friends were all "Wow it took you this long?" Linear Motor Girl is pretty catchy, and I think best listened to while you're on the transit hurrying off somewhere. XD But that's just me.

They also make me want to learn how to dance.

ken said...

Thanks for the recommendation on Region of Kindo, I'm loving this. Absolutely beautiful stuff. ^^

ken said...

*"Reign", I should really wear my glasses.

Daruku-sensei said...

is ok mate... Even the best of us listen to Perfume...Electro is much fun.

When I return home I will send youe some osusume. I have dug up some interesting stuff in that genre of late ;)