Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recent images

Official pics from the BtSSB/AatP event

Rehearsal yesterday. Please note that Joe is standing right in front of our drummer, obscuring him from your view. You'll find out in 3 days.


Anonymous said...

Ooh you all look great! :D

Just got around to watching the Praparat PV tonight; great song!

Shizuka said...

I wanna hug you all <3

And I wanna give Joe cookies for looking that cute XD

liath said...

Love the BBSSB etc costumes.......being completely non prejudiced I still think yours is the best one - it's the top had and frilly cravat....really works a treat.

As for the drummer, can't wait to find out!

By the way....tell Tenx2 he has nice legs fufufufu. :P (obviously you can preface that with "one of my blog readers says..." so he's not like (O_o') more guys should wear skinny jeans. )

skagirlie said...

i usually don't do this, but...


and what shizuka said. ^^

Arithmetica said...

You guys look great! Joe looks cool in that mobile post :0

Ito said...

I look forward to the epic news!