Sunday, November 22, 2009

swoonin' hard guys

You guys REALLY need to see the pictures of Meekster in next month's Cure. I cannot emphasize enough how much of your observance these images require. If scans one day showed up in my email randomly I would most likely not be displeased.

That's all.

Oh, the event went well; lots of people crammed into a tiny room, lots of Polaroids taken with lots of nervous girls. It was fun to dress up all gawfic, like the first batch of VK I ever heard way back, for one day (and doubly fun if you're sponsored!), but I'm pretty thankful that I'm not in a band that does that sort of thing.

I do have to say that Baby/Alice employees are some of the coolest gals I've worked with. Helpful, friendly, and magnetic.

So yeah. January Cure. O_O


liath said...

Ok, because I suck at nick-names...who is Meekster?

Arithmetica said...

Ahhh damn it, my subscription ran out this month. I'll try and resubscribe to snag January's issue Dx

skagirlie said...

guess we'll have to make another trip to mitsuwa. crypto needed an excuse to get more big beers anyway. :)

Ito said...

@liath: Meekster is Miko from Exist Trace, who is a total babe, lol.
I might have to find a way to pick up a copy. :)

liath said...

@Ito: Thanks Ito, now it all becomes clear! I know Exist Trace's stuff and Jimi has mentioned Miko's hotness before LOL.
Being a chick myself it's a bit lost on me but I can see that she's pretty :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you said Meevster, till I read the comments.

Which would still be a case to swoon hard.

Ito said...

Hey, you chicks get so much more too "enjoy" than us dudes, so it's only fair XD
I made that wallpaper a while back...lovely lovely Miko...