Thursday, December 03, 2009


hm what is this thing i put here i dont even

Lineup was me, Tenten, Joe, Schwarz, Masami.
0:31~2:05 = Reincarnation; you know this one
2:05~3:25 = Yamusora; an older version of this was floating around on youtube but I can't find it anymore
3:25~5:00 = Subarashiki Imaimashisa
5:00~6:58 = I wanna get away


lovershigh said...

Finally! I get to hear most of your songs dude. Still going to be in Japan from Dec. 18 to Jan 9. Any shows? Would love to catch you guys.

Ito said...

Yeah, that is totally sick. I love it.

Shizuka said...

Love it love it <3<3

Maybe you find an old version of Yamu Sora, wenn searching for Benii. ?

I couldn't find a CPS-Vers. though.

ken said...

You guys can really whoop a horse's ass with a belt. I'm still going to try and catch one of the January shows.

Holly said...

I wanna get away is by far my favorite. It's so much fun and bouncy and exciting! Loved it; it was first time actually hearing some samples outside the website. Yay! :DDD

Go said...

ayyyy cool! :)