Monday, December 14, 2009


Saw Up yesterday; very sweet and funny.

Also, yesterday Joe, Dancho and Shinno played an acoustic version of Nogod's 道 at a friend's wedding and that was also very sweet.

Colds are not sweet.


Anonymous said...

I saw a pic on Joe's blog.. it must have been sweet indeed !

Hannah said...

XD Hey dude, I still say we should hang out. You back in Tokyo yet?


liath said...

Hi Jimi,
I'm heading off home for Christmas...and my parents don't bother with internet so I'll be mostly in a no-net zone for 2 weeks...this being the case, I'll just say 'merry Christmas' now.
I hope you have a fun time, whatever you're doing, and catch you again in 2010.

憂い顔 said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Arithmetica said...

Hi Elec,
My friends are going to Japan to see you at the UC show. I'm so jealous haha!