Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Some news

-From January 1st until March 13th, Trick Master, Strange Guitarist, Cosmic Boy (me) and Rhythm Geek will be performing under the name CPS. This is ostensibly a temporary measure as we're have activities and everything planned but we're not quite ready to be like BAM hey sup chem-pi is back

Check out the pop-up on the homepage to see the new doodles; pictures will be up at a later date.

-We're changing the venue of our 2nd one-man on 3/14, "Science", from Shimokitazawa Mosaic to Ikebukuro BlackHole.

-Tenten has a pendant and ring for sale on the fujipro website that he helped design.

That's all for now!


Silv said...

I'm gonna try to be there for the 2nd one-man.

Dolly said...

Did you know that the doodle of Cosmic Boy has a coke problem? lol NOSE x Fairy Dust = big tiems nao?

Great updates, and glad you have a good drummer now, too.