Saturday, April 24, 2010

Forget it, Jake...

Today is Yokohama with Nogod. I love these guys to death.

We arrived way too early so we hung out in Chinatown and gorged on DELICIOUS FOOD and engaged in various hijinks.

We as a band never really 'hang out'. Every time we're together, it's work. I count them as friends but today was probably the first time I really felt that.

After yesterday's terrible show, I came back home and watched Office, 30 Rock, and Community, the latter with it's mafia-themed episode might have been the best so far. Also Annie is unfairly adorable (´・ω・`)

Today should go well!


cryptomayhem said...

What a coincidence! I was a guest speaker at an Asian Culture Festival yesterday (what?) and I was wearing a NoGoD shirt!