Thursday, April 22, 2010


There's a nice two-page spread of Chemical Pictures in this month's Shoxx.

In it we announce tons of lives, our sponsored event on 7/20, and our One-man in September that will culminate our 5 consecutive singles.

There are also 5 people visible, which means that yes, we finally have a new guitarist.

He was going to debut with us this weekend, but he was hospitalized yesterday.

Things are going to be okay, but we'll still be playing as a 4-piece for now.

Here are our shows:

4/23 Ikebukuro Black Hole

4/24 Yokohama Dragon Club

4/29 Ikebukuro Black Hole

4/30 Shibuya O-West

5/6 Takadanobaba Area

5/15 Takadanobaba Area

5/21 Shibuya O-East

5/29 Esaka Muse

5/30 Nagoya Electric Lady Land

6/3 Takadanobaba Area

6/12-13 Seoul Live club SSAM, Korea

6/23 Takadanobaba Area

7/3 Omotesando Fab

7/10 Nagoya Heartland Studio

7/11 Shinsaibashi FanJ-Twice

9/17 Shibuya O-West ONEMAN


Lisa said...

Oooh, packed schedule - I wish I could be there!

Also, I hope your guitarist feels better soon and it's nothing too serious. Sending good vibes your way~

Kazu said...

I saw the shoxx spread, nicely done. I'll try and make it to as many of your shows as possible, I'll definitely make it to the Area one on the 6th. Best of luck with everything and I hope the show is awesome.

I'll bring some goodies from Canada for you guys if you don't mind that is.

Holly said...

EPIC NEWS IS EPIC! I'm so excited for you guys! SOOO MUCH!

Arithmetica said...

Drats, the one month I didn't buy Shoxx! :X

Nemo said...

I'll be there on 4/29 or 4/30 or both