Friday, April 30, 2010

yujo shutsuen

Yesterday was wild!

Today is O-West.

if you are in a band that lip syncs and don't actually play you instruments and you point out to me that you noticed I messed up briefly, i will punch you in the face so hard you will poop teeth


cryptomayhem said...

I was wondering what that was all about.... :P

Have fun in the booya! :D

liath (on her other blog-type-thingy site) said...

I hove how that *forceful* little comment is accompanied by a photograph of you sporting a gentle yet mischievous (some might say Puckish)little smile. Somewhow makes it quite the scariest thing I've seen in a long while.


Have a great time at O-West!

liath (on her other blog-type-thingy site) said...

...apparently today I fail at spelling. I mean 'love' not 'hove' that even a word?