Saturday, October 04, 2008

Live Report 9/24/08, Takadanobaba AREA: LAVERITE, Schmelz Cure, Gizmo, Roze, 7191, D-ZEL, Ashura


I worked in the morning then SPRINTED to Takadanobaba to get to Area, which I'd never been to and was just dealing with that nervousness of performing in a new venue. Right when I got there I sat down and did hair and makeup, then immediately got up on stage for rehearsal, and since we were going first, then went right into our performance.


My wireless started acting up right as we started Sephirot, and I started freaking out a little bit. But the staff guy standing in the wings had a cord plugged into me just as I'd barely realized that it was having problems. Apparently Barry Allen works in a live house in Tokyo.

In fact, as we got off stage, I whined a little bit and apologized to Ryota and Yue that I had the troubles. Ryota looked at me blankly and said, "wait when did that happen?"


Inertia and Bunny came, as did a couple of our regular fans. It was sort of an audition live, and by that I mean that if the Area people liked us, then we'd be able to do normal booking with them. We wanted to showcase our broad range, so we played Sephirot, Criticism, Tenkuu, Kamen, and Solidarity, all which are very different songs from one another. In fact, as we were talking with the staff afterward in the office and taking care of money stuff, that sort of worked against us in their eyes. They like the songs as individual tracks, but to them we seemed to lack focus in how we want to present ourselves, what sort of bands or events we want to associate ourselves with, etc.

It was all interesting because it wasn't the way we were used to being advised elsewhere. Not that Narciss ever coddles us; they're often quite hard on us in terms of post-show advice but obviously we're doing something decently because Narciss has frequently treated us with particular favor. I don't feel that Area was unfair to us at all, I don't want you to get that impression. It's just interesting to hear another perspective.

We also heard yet another perspective because Sizna from Sugar had come to check us out. He came backstage afterward and he and Ryota mostly discussed stuff.

Unfortunately, mentally I was barely 'there'--I think I was still trying catching breath from my recently very hectic schedule. Still, it felt good to finally get to play our first live in Tokyo!

Thanks to all your comments regarding the Becca video; it was a long shoot for sure but it was a lot of fun. I have never been so well attended-to. We played through the song a million times that day and of course I had to go crazy-go-nuts each time. In between each take I had several people come to my aid; makeup girl for touchup, costume girl for adjustments, water girl with the water, with hole cut out of the lid and straw taped into place, just like when we play live too.

All the people involved were really great, and Becca herself was very sweet and very good to work with. That song is going to be the ending theme for "Kuroshitsuji", a new anime, and the opening theme is going to be by Sid. Seven degrees of Tenuous Connections, I know.

Sometime next week I'll put up my report of our 10/3 show, but in the meantime, check out La Carmina's post about it!


Bob-chan said...


Sounds great!! Good job at Area 8D
I cant say it.. taknonosbabadonaaba ? D:

Lol the PV-making sounded fun then! :D

Cant wait to read the live report ^^

maicle said...

The pictures on that girl's blog are just more proof that you are really attractive and that you should please stop.

Jen said...

Yay live report!
hahahah super slick staff guy.
When was the pv filmed?

La Carmina said...

maicle: there's more proof, hahah. Just posted another spread of live Laverite concert pics!

em said...

I agree with maicle! I actually followed the link from carmenyuen just because of that... maicle has good taste!

ken said...

Personally, I guess I associate LAVERITE with the Larine/Jakura/Crack Brain style of VK...I had never thought about how important it would be for fans to make such an association, but I suppose it would have a big impact on your popularity.

Interesting stuff. I don't think I could ever make it in a VK band, but good luck to you, seem to be making a lot of good contacts and getting a lot of valuable advice.

fuzzurin said...


I love reading your reports. You are awesome, Elec.

Bottle said...

Hey Jimi!

Great live report as always.

I was wondering if you feel confident that Takadanobaba AREA will invite you back for another show? Or do you think they'll be hesitant now after their comments?

Also do you know what Sizna from Sugar thought of you? I was then wondering, is LAVERITE quite hyped in the indies scene? On the one hand you talk about having low turn-out on occasion, and then you have members from relatively well known bands (With Hizaki having heard of you already too) know of you, and come to check you out! It's awesome though, and I hope he liked you guys! :]

Phoenixflower said...

I'm sorry, but I love that first picture you have on here... it makes me laugh...