Sunday, October 19, 2008

Real-time bloggin'

We play first tonight and go on at 4:30. 7 bands, and OZxBONE is here too.

Being first, we sound-check last so we're relegated to the immediate backstage dressing room. We don't get to mingle with the other bands but it's more relaxing down here.

It also means we have to do hair and makeup before we rehearse, and that's kind of annoying.

I have one last idea to fix my wireless, or it's with a cable again. The sound is better that way anyway, and it doesn't restrict my regular movement too much. I do have to be careful not to get crossed with Yue's mic chord, though!

Ryota showed me some new song parts; a slow tune and a mid-tempo thing. I've written a couple of tunes they guys liked when I demo'd them.



Scatter in Depth said...

I want to hear Jimi's song. :)